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  1. Ahhh memories.

    Ho hum another days in Paradise. My roommate and I decided to do a Christmas Newsletter this year. Her family does one every year and they're all so weird. Who really needs to know you visited aunt Phyllis and went fishing. So we decided to tweak the tradition and mention everything that went badly this year. It was a pretty bad year for both of us, so why not have a laugh at it. It was strangely cathatic. Since no one here knows exactly who I am (and I pray you don't find out) I see no reason ...

    Lets go over some things that piss me the fuck off.

    1. Talk to me like you know me and are elder to me.

    If I do not know you, and we have say, chatted online or on a message board, then you have no right to talk to me like my father. That is a one way ticket to me hating you. Hate is a strong word, but there is nothing I hate more than some 22 year old telling me I am only 20 and to be careful about my decisions.

    2. Obsessing online

    If ...
  3. So Lonely, So Love.

    I am so lonely that when I meet someone to be a friends, its like fall in love, at least in the pain. I am nothing to the person, or little, and I always will care more about her that he (or anyone) you ever care about me.
    Imagine the pay off a friend dont remember you
    Imagine that for a lover.





    But NO love.

  4. Amizade com dor de paixão

    Eu sou taum carente que qd tento fazer amizades eu acabo tento quase uma "paixão" pela pessoa, pelo menos nas dores, nas preocupações, no medo.
    Mas a pessoa naum se apaixona por mim
    ou se interessa por mim.
    Eu sou pouco para a pessoa
    ou sou nada
    Imagine ser considerado nada por um amigo.
    Imagine ser considerado nada pela sua paixão.

    É assim... q eu me sinto... perto das pessoas...
    ...mas ...
  5. Me keeping a Blog????? Dec 2004

    Well this is something I have never done before. In fact I have never kept any sort of record of my life or anything that goes on with or around me. Somehow I have been inspired to do that here I think because of reading so many Blog's here at JUB.
    I don't know whether my Blog will be interesting, boring or whatever.It will be what it is.

    So here we are at the close of another year. It certainly has been an interesting one for sure. One thing that comes to mind is finishing ...