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  1. Traveling to Tokyo: Enjoying Japanese Men, Part 1

    What to do on a short trip to Tokyo

    Wesley wrote recently: "I will be traveling to Tokyo in May and would love to get some helpful tibits about the city for a gay man traveling alone. I will be there only for five days. What hotels do you suggest, bars/clubs, restaurants, must see sites, etc."

    My response ...
  2. Traveling to Tokyo: Enjoying Japanese Men, Part 2

    Shinjuku 24-Kaikan (baths) It seems that there is no map on the English site to the Shinjuku
    Located just off of Shinjuku Dori (turn left just at Lawson's in Shinujuku 2-chome,
    2-chome is about a 10-minute walk, go right out of Shinjuku JR Staion East (a main street level exit) and you will be on Shinjuku Dori. Follow passed Mitsukoshi ...
  3. Traveling to Tokyo: Enjoying Japanese Men, Part 3

    The Imperial Palace and the stroll around the moat can be nice. (not far from Hibiya Park a 10 walk)

    It is too hard to tell you where to eat -- you almost can't go wrong because you can usually check out ...
  4. Frisbee Soccer Team Gets Frisky, Part 1

    REVIEWED by Ryu on **********: http://sticky.**********.com/post/20574?goto#20574 I noticed today that this blog: Kelly's Second Life, one of about 8 that I write, suddenly got a few thousand hits in one day seemingly out of nowhere. When I traced back, I discovered that Ryu, one of the regular contributors to **********'s Sticky!, has reviewed my Japanese homoerotic social bonding blog entries:
  5. Frisbee Soccer Team Gets Frisky, Part 2

    Each one of the guys seemed to take his time getting out of his sweaty practice clothes, but they seemed to have timed their own 'strip' so that each one was the only one doing so at the time -- it was an amazing nude choreography too. Each was hold a small towel in front of this genital area, then he would use the other hand to slowly lower his shorts and
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