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  1. New blog entry

    Wow, I haven't posted a blog since forever. To be honest, I haven't been on JUB for a long time, mainly because there are way too many weirdos here and the people I met here that are now my friends are on Facebook anyway...
    One of the people I met here became one of my best friends. JakeLucas - you are my bestest buddy, thanks for being my friend. Glad I know you and glad I had the opportunity to meet you in person.
    As I go through my posts in the pat 6 years, maybe I have posted ...
  2. I needed to take a chill pill

    Don't read my earlier blog posts, OK?


    Thanks. 😘
  3. I need cock

    Ok I can't stand it anymore I NEED Cock, I am still a man to man virgin, I am shaved slick, silky smooth virgin ass and virgin mouth... I LUST FOR COCK ..jamest48 @ msn . com I want to be Your weekly cock whore submissive sissy I LOVE COCK I can dress in heels an woman's clothes and panties I swallow I won't deny anything You want to do. I LOVE COCK I NEED COCK
    Tags: cock, fag, sissy, slut, swallow
  4. "THE DPJ" - Part Two

    "THE DPJ" - Part Two

    I NEVER KNEW WHAT IT WAS CALLED. I know that he identified it at least once, but how do you write down that title if you're clueless how it's spelled...or even remember at all?

    Yes, my friend had unknowingly sent me the closing theme to a radio show I had listened to, and loved, a full generation earlier (in the 1986 to 1989 continued a while after that with somebody else, but Brent was the "really good host"). OK, ...
  5. "The DPJ" - a short, 100% TRUE story about DPJs, classical music, my sisters, New Jersey, prostitution, etc.

    It's STILL like this happened YESTERDAY, though it happened three years ago.

    My two sisters are entirely peripheral to the story, but they ARE brought into it. Embellishment, I guess.

    Meanwhile, when I let my mind take THESE kind of trips, that doesn't help me catch up with old emails. And, no, NO unusual substances involved fact I'm also half starving, been so busy I didn't even eat today except OJ and a candy bar.

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