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  1. Supernatural : One Frozen Winter - Chapter 1 : Part 1

    One Frozen Winter - Chapter 1

    (Co-written with Cha
    Pairing: Teen!Sam/Dean
    Rating/Warnings: NC 17; Slash; incest, 17 year old Sam
    Characters : The Characters from the t.v. show Supernatural belong to Kripke, we're just playin' with 'em

    Summary: Sam's hormones are on overdrive but getting pulled out of school and dumped at some isolated ...
  2. Supernatural : One Frozen Winter - Chapter 1 : Part 2

    "You sweet on a girl, Sammy?" He teased, but a sadness swept through him. He knew Sam had a tendency to take things to heart, and a need to make long term friends. When he said he liked a girl, it probably meant a big time crush. How often would he get to explore something like that for more than a blink of an eye? That was one of the reasons Dean had learned to move so quickly on ...
  3. Supernatural : One Frozen Winter - Chapter 1 Part 3

    Sam looked confused for a few seconds, "Me? Did I like.... oh...." crap "That's not what I meant. I liked .. You know - watching you." Suddenly feeling like he couldn't really breathe he tugged on the neck of his t-shirt. "I mean," he ran his hand down his face, "I liked watching you kiss girls." He moved as if to get up, "I should probably go ... to bed or something." ...
  4. Supernatural : One Frozen Winter - Chapter 1 : Part 4

    He sat up, slid out of his bed and padded quietly over to Deanís bed. Sam just stood there for a while, listening to Deanís breath, watching the rise and fall of his chest; then he sat down as gently as he could on the side of Deanís bed.

    Dean didnít move, his breathing still even and calm; Sam leaned down slowly and pressed his slightly parted lips against Deanís. He waited, ...
  5. Supernatural : One Frozen Winter - Chapter 1 : Part 5

    slightly inside, finding the heat of that silky mouth pressing so damned sweetly against his. He moved his hand, cupping the side of his dream date's face and kissing just a little harder, like he was almost afraid that if he was too aggressive, his date would bolt.

    A moan built somewhere in Samís chest when he felt Deanís tongue slide into his mouth, so slick
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