Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz at JustUsBoys - Gallery 800
Big Dicked Brad (Perfect Guyz)
Brad showing off his washboard abs and his 9 ½ monster cock.
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  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz
  • Big Dicked Brad from Perfect Guyz

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There are 15 comments on this gallery

  • gingentleman

    June 03, 2011 - 00:22:09   |   See all My Comments

    These pics are very old.

  • Quilty

    November 27, 2009 - 18:43:01   |   See all My Comments

    Haven't seen him in anything new for a while. Maybe he took the money and retired, or found himself the rich sugardad he deserves. Our loss, either way.

  • wizardo

    August 29, 2008 - 09:54:58   |   See all My Comments

    Brad Star has an ass that just begs for fucking. I love to hear him moan and whimper when he gets fucked. Beautiful man with a great dick but that magnificent ass of his is a national treasure.

  • Eromenos

    January 13, 2008 - 19:00:16   |   See all My Comments

    Just discovered this guy...he looks scruffier now (which is HOT)but he works the pretty boy look, too. Sexy!

  • SatyreMarsayas

    October 31, 2007 - 02:46:34   |   See all My Comments

    points off for bleached hair. total turn off

  • jebsonflynn

    September 24, 2007 - 13:58:20   |   See all My Comments

    9 1/2 inches? I'm 9 [measured along the top-shaft] and my cock doesn't look like that -maybe because mine is not thin and the head isn't that pointed. His looks more like mine in pic 9.

  • redcorona

    August 09, 2007 - 00:57:56   |   See all My Comments

    good lord, this guy could be a brother of a brad i PLAY WITH! look at that big, flaccid DICKMEAT! those RED SHINY BALLS! that FUCKIN' HOT HARD-ON!

  • manningfan

    July 24, 2007 - 01:37:05   |   See all My Comments

    brad star is soooo perfect. i wanna ride his big cock

  • sageonelv

    July 06, 2007 - 05:04:10   |   See all My Comments

    Want that big cock deep inside me.

  • antzbenz

    June 30, 2007 - 20:25:05   |   See all My Comments

    very nice penis.instant hard one!

  • okcnwarea

    June 07, 2007 - 16:16:15   |   See all My Comments

    he is hot. I have a boner now looking at him

  • pollito

    May 09, 2007 - 03:35:59   |   See all My Comments

    si que pinga! y que lindo esta me lo como

  • sschober2007

    May 03, 2007 - 20:38:39   |   See all My Comments

    oh yes he is hot and instant hard on I want to suck on that sac and cock yum then he could plow me

  • thomponte

    April 10, 2007 - 02:26:49   |   See all My Comments

    Wow Instant Hard On Here

  • Joegogonzales

    February 25, 2007 - 19:51:44   |   See all My Comments

    hes so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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