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Curtis And Brock (Buzz West)

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I wanted to do something a little different, so I told Brock I wanted him to talk Curtis into getting his first blowjob from a guy! Mission accomplished!

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  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
  • Curtis And Brock from Buzz West
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There are 6 comments on this gallery

  • jr244jr244 March 22, 2008 - 00:00:19 (See all My Comments)

    Geez, so many hair nazis on this site, enjoy it all, hairy and shaved. If you dont like it, dont look. When did gay boys become so narrow minded?

  • hiker69 March 19, 2008 - 03:56:31 (See all My Comments)

    I cant agree with redcarona more! This guys is hot as fuck and I would suck his cock any day of the week. Pic 9 and 10 are hot as hell! You guys dont know what HOT is!

  • redcorona March 19, 2008 - 01:10:25 (See all My Comments)

    goodlord, i like sucking a shaved bone because pubic hairs don't get caught in my throat and i don't have to stop to pull hairs out of my mouth. same thing for sucking on balls. and if you're on the receiving end, you CANNOT believe the increased sensivity. for chrissakes, do you guys ever have sex?!?!??!

  • 8tomtoms8 March 18, 2008 - 10:32:00 (See all My Comments)

    I couldn't agree with Marc-de-la-T more. Who came up with this whole guy shaving EVERYTHING anyway??? I don't know about you all, but I've never been attracted to 11 year old boys. WHY do grown, sexually mature men want to look like an 11 year old kid????

  • Marc-de-la-Touche March 18, 2008 - 10:20:34 (See all My Comments)

    The shaving stuff ruins everything, great cock and ass but really does everything on the human body have to be tame and neat and unnatural, it really takes away from this guys natural appeal, makes me aware that he is taking photos and preparing himself to be seen , it de-erotisizes me, picture nine and ten fuck the whole shoot, it's a shame to let a great cock go to waste.

  • rhodie March 18, 2008 - 05:33:26 (See all My Comments)

    Awesome cock...I sure would like the challenge of deep throating that cock....yummy


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