Derek from Perfect Guyz at JustUsBoys - Gallery 6474
Derek (Perfect Guyz)
Derek strokes his meat at PerfectGuyz.
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  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz
  • Derek from Perfect Guyz

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There are 15 comments on this gallery

  • Blatino

    November 17, 2007 - 19:50:26   |   See all My Comments

    He's hot no doubt and I love his mower tattoo, it shows his humorous side

  • Drake31

    November 17, 2007 - 07:42:11   |   See all My Comments

    I agree with holeinone, Croynan has said shit about every set of pics I have looked at. Why is he here anyway? This guy is hot and would love to get his answer about the tat!

  • lickitupndown

    November 15, 2007 - 01:13:07   |   See all My Comments

    Cute guy...wouldn't mind having some fun with him

  • holeinone

    November 14, 2007 - 20:55:48   |   See all My Comments

    Hey Croynan, have you nothing +ve to say? Ever? This guy is hot by any standard. He is so grogeous I wanna make love to him, not just fuck him!!

  • artisticcreation

    November 14, 2007 - 15:34:36   |   See all My Comments

    get over it fellas the shaved pubes are so hot but, I guess some guys like hairballs

  • luis34ct

    November 14, 2007 - 08:21:41   |   See all My Comments

    Love his face, but I hate that he shaved his pubes....

  • springboksfan

    November 14, 2007 - 03:51:40   |   See all My Comments

    Damn! What's not to like about this guy? Wow! I think the tat is hilarious. I'd enjoy checking it out close up and then far away and then close up again and then........

  • Luv_Trail

    November 14, 2007 - 03:47:41   |   See all My Comments

    proof that a dude doesnt have to be hung for me to want to marry him....or at least bang him.


    November 14, 2007 - 02:34:09   |   See all My Comments

    Sexy, hung and uncut - very nice -
    Take away the freaking razor !!

  • CanAlex

    November 13, 2007 - 23:36:14   |   See all My Comments

    Tenebrous, that is what the tattoo looks like? If indeed it is, I think its a great idea.

  • tenebrous

    November 13, 2007 - 23:01:05   |   See all My Comments

    Is that a tattoo of ... a guy mowing the lawn?

  • artisticcreation

    November 13, 2007 - 21:38:49   |   See all My Comments

    Certainly would like to spend some time playing around with this one.

  • hothead

    November 13, 2007 - 17:43:21   |   See all My Comments

    What a gorgeous uncut cock. In the film clips, he shows his ass, too--hot and hairy ass on this man. I'd love to spend a few weeks in bed with him.

  • prudyprudestein

    November 13, 2007 - 13:58:15   |   See all My Comments

    Love the cock and cum. Wish I sucked him off and took that load.

  • 1961bobcat

    November 13, 2007 - 12:56:53   |   See all My Comments

    What a hunk! Love the cum shot and foreskin. The mower however...

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