Free Gay Sex Photos: Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios at JustUsBoys - Gallery 5126


Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis (Falcon Studios)

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  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
  • Eddie Stone And Jason Adonis from Falcon Studios
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There are 18 comments on this gallery

  • wizardo November 18, 2009 - 20:27:21 (See all My Comments)

    Sadly, Jason Adonis has lost much of his once-stunning good looks to drugs. Eddie Stone is far better looking than Jason Adonis in my opinion.

  • jebsonflynn October 19, 2007 - 16:28:54 (See all My Comments)

    Falcon delivers again. Always hot, built studs with ready boners, open asses and a genuine love for cock.

  • jebsonflynn September 14, 2007 - 13:24:30 (See all My Comments)

    look at the pleasure on Eddie's face in pic 7 - Jason must fuck really well. That's not 'performance-for-the-camera' - that's honest pleasure, candidly caught.

  • tonyhaddad August 15, 2007 - 12:57:47 (See all My Comments)

    Jason!!i wanna spend a night with my head between ure thighs and my lips kissing ure shit hole and eat it..

  • martin123 August 14, 2007 - 08:41:51 (See all My Comments)

    A hot paring, I think Eddie and Jason are always hot, It would be hotter if they flip flopped, love to see Jason bottom again.

  • marshall M August 14, 2007 - 02:55:31 (See all My Comments)

    I dont know what it is about these pics, The photographer needs to get closer to the action here? Dont like the angles either. Sorry, just bieng honest.

  • CarlIsle August 14, 2007 - 02:02:40 (See all My Comments)

    The clippered haircut is hot, but just once I'd like to see Jason with natural body hair.

  • doglover August 14, 2007 - 02:00:04 (See all My Comments)

    Pic 6 is awesome!! God i love Jason...Really I love anything from Falcon!!!!

  • TravisMT81 August 14, 2007 - 01:29:34 (See all My Comments)

    did not even realize that was Jason adonis with the short hair.

  • artisticcreation August 14, 2007 - 01:27:45 (See all My Comments)

    these 2 are super hot...look at those butt muscles flexing....yeah

  • damondemon August 13, 2007 - 22:15:58 (See all My Comments)

    Jason Adonis with short hair is a real turn-on. He is truly a superior man.

  • redcorona August 13, 2007 - 20:46:42 (See all My Comments)

    pic6, jason a. totally naked top to bottom, AWESOME!!! interesting haircut! eddie, might be time for a new do!

  • bike10 August 13, 2007 - 20:11:41 (See all My Comments)

    Falcon guys hot horny and loads of cum. They know how to suck, rim, eat cum and fuck.

  • keikekaze August 13, 2007 - 20:05:39 (See all My Comments)

    This is hot! Both Eddie and Jason are favorites of mine, and they both have such great asses!

  • ecudat August 13, 2007 - 19:27:56 (See all My Comments)

    Jason Adonis certainly shows why he got that name! That sixth picture showing his lower half is awesome - imagine getting a piece of his ass, or havin him standing there about to fuck you!


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