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Rian (Perfect Guyz)

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  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
  • Rian from Perfect Guyz
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There are 33 comments on this gallery

  • illmao June 29, 2012 - 03:33:02 (See all My Comments)

    Wonder what he looks like 5 yrs later. Probably just as hot today as he was then.

  • medic1 September 07, 2010 - 11:03:16 (See all My Comments)

    why as save the bush2 the only negative comment?
    Oh thats right cause he is a fucking idiot.
    How can you not see the beuty in this man ?

  • dfasgiles June 23, 2008 - 05:08:07 (See all My Comments)

    Beautiful AND sexy. My favorite combination. He looks like a sweetheart, too.

  • iowagay September 20, 2007 - 14:57:39 (See all My Comments)

    i luv his eyes..he can fall asleep in my arms after he cums..

  • naughtyjohn August 03, 2007 - 01:51:41 (See all My Comments)

    he is a GOD a could stay and fuck me with glad,oh men he s fucking me crazy

  • marshall M August 02, 2007 - 22:13:40 (See all My Comments)

    Rian should really do print photography. He does have the perfect face. He's very hot! Yeah, those eyes would get me naked really quick........

  • prudyprudestein August 02, 2007 - 14:53:14 (See all My Comments)

    I'd love to suck his man tool and take a few loadsof his man juice.

  • jetsonboy August 02, 2007 - 12:59:18 (See all My Comments)

    This is the kind of face and upper body that leaves me not needing to look for orifices and sexual organs to be satisfied. Fantisizing about burying my face in those armpits and the look in his eyes i...

  • averaged August 02, 2007 - 10:29:18 (See all My Comments)

    Sooo hot and sexy....teasers are HOT!
    Fantasy abounds, leaves me hard and wanting. I'd love to make love with him

  • bike10 August 02, 2007 - 08:33:37 (See all My Comments)

    I agree with youngnsexy those tease shots help to set the pace.

  • akhjoon August 02, 2007 - 07:12:49 (See all My Comments)

    Would love to bury my face in those pits. Like to see his feet. Imagine that beautiful face buried in my crack as he rims my hole.

  • youngnsexy August 02, 2007 - 06:14:55 (See all My Comments)

    I LOVE the tease shots! They turn me on so much, cause they make me want MORE! Especially the one close up of his beautiful latin eyes... *sighs*

  • 69lover August 02, 2007 - 05:47:28 (See all My Comments)

    He is so fuckin hot..but I would have loved to see more of his cock

  • likmbig August 02, 2007 - 05:47:16 (See all My Comments)

    he's exotic and beautiful. Too bad the "teasers" don't show a little bit more dick and ass!!

  • 69lover August 02, 2007 - 05:47:12 (See all My Comments)

    He was so fuckin hot..but I would have loved to see more of his cock

  • smoking_rebel August 02, 2007 - 05:40:39 (See all My Comments)

    Sexy man, but where are the nude shots? Let me see him naked, aroused, and cumming!

  • socalnate20 August 02, 2007 - 04:24:02 (See all My Comments)

    Ohh very nice he's the type of guy I'd like to fool around with for the first time


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