Free Gay Sex Photos: Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz at JustUsBoys - Gallery 4984


Shioya And Yohey (Japan Boyz)

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  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
  • Shioya And Yohey from Japan Boyz
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There are 13 comments on this gallery

  • Cleft7 February 13, 2008 - 14:50:48 (See all My Comments)

    god they find some backward whore house models on this site, they must be pretty cheap because they've only managed to get a few attractive japanese men on the site. I don't mind the one with the scraggly hair but, don't mind him at all. :)

  • asian-boy-lover1944 January 21, 2008 - 10:16:16 (See all My Comments)

    Anal Adventure; cute guys, nice to be part of that adventure. They seem to be so into each other, which is a change.

  • pretty floyd August 18, 2007 - 15:51:16 (See all My Comments)

    Big dicks, are becoming a dime a dozen, everyone who think he has a big dick, think they are sexy, frankly it's becoming a turn off for me, if that's all you have is a big dick.

  • Rio Branco August 02, 2007 - 19:29:33 (See all My Comments)

    I've fucked several Caucasians who unbelievably have "petit tiny winy"! .... so, point being, never undermine Asians, you might encounter one Gigantic asian dick that you'll suck dry and f...

  • Rio Branco August 02, 2007 - 19:26:59 (See all My Comments)

    I for example, would refer to myself as "Asian", but due to my German heritage, I have rather a bigger dick than many other Asians. In any event, Caucasian dicks are not always THAT big

  • Rio Branco August 02, 2007 - 19:25:03 (See all My Comments)

    "East Asians". Although dick size varies from one person to another, it is not politically correct to generalize the idea that every Asian has small dick

  • Rio Branco August 02, 2007 - 19:23:45 (See all My Comments)

    guys forgot that Asians also include Indonesians, Malaysians, Thai, Filipinos, etc. who are commonly referred to as "South East Asians". This group of people DO have bigger dicks than "...

  • Rio Branco August 02, 2007 - 19:22:16 (See all My Comments)

    I think the biggest misconception that Caucasians have is that they refer to "Asians" as only comprising "East Asians", who are often preconceived to have small dicks. However you ...

  • zander20177 August 02, 2007 - 07:12:11 (See all My Comments)

    Is it just me, or do 99% of asians have small dicks? No offense to anyone, they still turn me on. Just not these ones here.

  • doglover August 01, 2007 - 19:36:53 (See all My Comments)

    For some odd reason the guy with the long hair turns me on..I do like the fact they dont shave their pubes!!


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