Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody at JustUsBoys - Gallery 25247
Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare (Sean Cody)
First every SeanCody Bareback Threesome with Dennis, Calvin, and Jordan! Straight Jock Boys and Gay Jock Boys Chain Fucking, Double Penetration, Tag Teaming, Flip Fuck Suck and..
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  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody
  • Dennis Calvin Jordan Bare from Sean Cody

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Safe Sex Notice:

This gallery contains images of unsafe sex practices, also known as barebacking. Engaging in sexual practices without the use of a condom is a risky and unnecessary behavior. There are a lot of studios including the one listed on this page that film bareback or have bareback scenes in their content libraries. The images presented below should only be used for fantasy and you should not deceive yourself into thinking that "everyone is doing it." Further, you should not assume that just because you see photos or film content of barebacking that sexually transmitted diseases have been miraculously cured. HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are very real and potentially lethal. Please practice safe sex in your own life and educate yourself regarding the dangers of not wearing a condom before having sexual encounters. Visit AMFAR for more information about safer sex.

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There are 18 comments on this gallery

  • stevenj

    January 08, 2012 - 20:11:26   |   See all My Comments

    It is NOT illegal to produce bb video (straight or gay) in Calif aaront36. Where do you get your information?

  • barker

    January 08, 2012 - 12:27:07   |   See all My Comments

    My lust for Calvin has no bounds. Love his dominating presence.

  • fordboy

    January 08, 2012 - 12:20:25   |   See all My Comments

    hey aaront36 - i hope your ranting on at all the straight vid sites showing guys bb into womens vag's - just as risky...

    whatever happened to the 'freedom' of the usa??

  • aaront36

    January 08, 2012 - 01:36:47   |   See all My Comments

    IT'S ILLEGAL in California and some other states to produce bareback videos! Hopefully these studios will be out of business and in jail before too long.

  • aaront36

    January 06, 2012 - 02:04:47   |   See all My Comments

    HEY SEAN CODY IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN THE STATE OF CALIF (where you shoot these videos) to make a video with penetration in it and not use a condom!! Looks like Sean Cody may not be around much longer !!

  • socalistud3

    January 05, 2012 - 18:58:27   |   See all My Comments

    i love that Sean Cody is starting the barebacking thing, its so hott and awesome. It's how real sex is supposed to be.

  • jstud

    January 04, 2012 - 19:04:28   |   See all My Comments

    I agree with you metalnoir. There are videos about the same subject on youtube.

  • metalnoir

    January 04, 2012 - 15:52:17   |   See all My Comments

    Particularly in a US election year, the trend of bareback galleries, group sex galleries, galleries showing the abuse of models, and those ugly slings plays directly into the hands of people like Rick Santorum, whom, incidentally, came in a razor's edge second-place in the Iowa caucus last night. Whose side are these porn producers on? Whose side are YOU on?

  • fordboy

    January 04, 2012 - 12:30:46   |   See all My Comments

    and the barrage of BB whingers start again - PLEASE DONT WHINGE - it's the models choice to fuck bb and our choice to put a connie on...

    its fantasy stuff for mr public...

  • topman100

    January 03, 2012 - 16:03:13   |   See all My Comments

    I am upset that Sean Cody has stooped to the level of making barebacking scenes to keep the money coming in. This scene would have been hot if the guys had been using condoms. "Barebacking" DOES NOT equal "hot sex"; it equals irresponsible and dangerous sex.

  • metalnoir

    January 03, 2012 - 13:00:48   |   See all My Comments

    Very disappointed to see Sean Cody doing bareback scenes: troubling and incredibly irresponsible.

  • Mnestor

    January 03, 2012 - 10:32:04   |   See all My Comments

    This is YUMMY HOT!!!! :) Wish I was there with MY CALVIN,DENNIS,JORDAN!!!!! :)

  • aaront36

    January 03, 2012 - 03:39:04   |   See all My Comments

    Now Sean Cody has joined the other disgusting, selfish, uncaring bunch of sleaze studios making bareback videos. Having their models do something that could kill them and others shows Sean Cody cares only about $$$ and they need to be out of business just like all the other producers of barebacking videos.

  • workingman1291

    January 03, 2012 - 02:46:17   |   See all My Comments

    Oh my goodness. this is so fucking HOT!!! This barebacking shit is so fucking hot. I just wish that this could be a 4-way.

  • fordboy

    January 03, 2012 - 00:50:28   |   See all My Comments

    awesome set for SC - jordan is a super hot hairy legged guy - yumm - action pics are hot as esp den taking 2 huge raw cocks - hot as
    well done SC - keep up the bb work ;-)

  • ckryde

    January 03, 2012 - 00:01:06   |   See all My Comments

    I love that dp! So wish that was my ass - though my tops would have condoms on

  • SJB69

    January 02, 2012 - 23:55:06   |   See all My Comments

    Fucking HOT 3-Way! I'd love to have been in on that with these studs!

  • Sigma-taylor-E

    January 02, 2012 - 22:21:15   |   See all My Comments soooooooooooooooo hot......

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