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Moses (Chaos Men)

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  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
  • Moses from Chaos Men
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There are 25 comments on this gallery

  • gvab248 June 08, 2011 - 08:12:07 (See all My Comments)

    My comments abut Moses apparently got screwed up--did not appear. So, here goes again: great cum shot in three; huge dick in eight; love long hair, although I sometimes don't on wrong guy; what a cock in eight; SO gorgeous in nine with those deep blue eyes; nice asshole in eight and nine. Would blow him and rim his asshole ANY time. Enough!

  • chrisrobin February 17, 2009 - 15:55:39 (See all My Comments)

    In the movie intro on the Chaos website, Bry says,
    "He's (Moses) got an interesting look. Lean and muscular, with great bone structure." Boy, I'll say!

  • bike10 February 17, 2009 - 09:33:03 (See all My Comments)

    Red heads are in the minority. One of my best friends was red head and always enjoyed seeing his bush in the locker room.

  • soccerboy029 February 17, 2009 - 05:21:56 (See all My Comments)

    I'd follow him around in the desert for 40 years.

  • chrisrobin February 17, 2009 - 04:00:42 (See all My Comments)

    I think this Moses could definitely take us to the promised land! He's got the package for sure, but the head shot (the one above the shoulders - pic 4) is almost hypnotic.

  • 1091MAC February 17, 2009 - 03:54:57 (See all My Comments)

    NO!!!! Teo ruins any scene that he is in. This guy is hot, just let him be with Brian.

  • CaptainMellow February 16, 2009 - 21:13:49 (See all My Comments)

    Ok OK I got some...

    "Hey Moses, thats some staff you got there".

    "Let my Penis go".

    "Talk about a burning bush, and check out those golden calves".

    "Hey Moses, part this".

  • zane518 February 16, 2009 - 21:02:29 (See all My Comments)

    He really is beautiful ... I'm loving the entire package ...

  • ronboy February 16, 2009 - 20:03:59 (See all My Comments)

    Okay, nobody's said it yet, so Sir Ron is going to be the risk-taker here.....


    He is beautiful! I love his light hair, muscular body, adorable face, and hypnotic eyes. he would be a most worthy bed partner for a horny Musketeer!

  • Shepherd 2 February 16, 2009 - 19:53:14 (See all My Comments)

    Five and fifteen, and I am ready to fuck Moses all the way across the Red Sea. His eyes are seductive, his cock looks wonderfully suckable, and those balls invite me to play and ply them.
    Very nice.

  • Mnestor February 16, 2009 - 18:32:25 (See all My Comments)

    Freaking Awesome Bry!!!!!!!!!!!! If I kew where he lived I would do him!!!!!!!!!! HOT DAMN!!!! ;) Love his long hair and everything about him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Croynan February 16, 2009 - 17:27:16 (See all My Comments)

    Bryan has done it again. a fine model and a fine photo shoot. it would be nice to see Moses and Teo together in a photo shoot or how about one with either Moses and Teo with Bryan?

  • jaxon29 February 16, 2009 - 16:30:55 (See all My Comments)

    What a hot guy!! Usually not into longer hair, but it works for him, just like Teo. Also, I haven't been into redheads, although I find red pubes really sexy.

  • WincMan February 16, 2009 - 16:18:33 (See all My Comments)

    The first guy I ever gave a blow job to was a red head and so seeing a cute red head like Moses brings back such sweet memories.

  • pretty floyd February 16, 2009 - 16:13:10 (See all My Comments)

    Quite sexy auburn hair guy, nice body, would have loved for him to be more created with it, favorite pictures# 4,5.

  • aznboi81 February 16, 2009 - 16:00:56 (See all My Comments)

    usually not into guys with long hair...but this one is a hottie...

  • topinboots February 16, 2009 - 15:56:08 (See all My Comments)

    yeah, seriously. I'm not into long haired redheaded thin pink guys, but this guys is really pretty hot..there's somethin' about him....GRRR!

  • halfslice February 16, 2009 - 15:55:47 (See all My Comments)

    this guy is hot and has nice cock love guys with redish hair

  • dirtyboy February 16, 2009 - 15:47:28 (See all My Comments)

    i'm not into redheads but this guy has a hot body and a nice cock


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