Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise at JustUsBoys - Gallery 10722
Zeb Atlas Massaged (Jake Cruise)
Big Muscle Hunk Zeb Atlas gets the Royal Erotic Rubdown and Blow Job from the sexy daddy JakeCruise!
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  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise
  • Zeb Atlas Massaged from Jake Cruise

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There are 23 comments on this gallery

  • cumisgood

    December 03, 2008 - 00:19:01   |   See all My Comments

    He is to muscular. Bet it is hard to find shirts to go with those GUNS!

  • hornyshauny

    November 18, 2008 - 12:44:26   |   See all My Comments

    Times must be getting hard for Zeb Atlas.

  • mattgetscrunk

    November 17, 2008 - 23:15:42   |   See all My Comments

    if i wanted to see something like this id watch law and order: special victums unit

  • byuboy2004

    November 17, 2008 - 22:24:50   |   See all My Comments

    When is someone going to turn Jake Cruise in for prostitution? That's all his website is, a dirty old man paying people for sex. Sure sure, I'd be lying if I said I'm not just little jealous, but still, stop ruining shoots that have such great potential! He's beginning to rank up there with Sean Cody and his over trimmed models!

  • Carnivorous

    November 17, 2008 - 22:02:44   |   See all My Comments

    Whether roided out (?) or shaven the man is still a superior physical specimin. I love him unshaven too. The hair adds to his incredibly sculpted body. For a man his size (huge) he's very well proportioned---massive in all the right spots.

  • ISuckDick666

    November 16, 2008 - 18:55:44   |   See all My Comments

    Zeb Atlas is way to big now. He is not hot at all.

    Everytime I see him I think of 'Parasite' Matthew Rush hehe.

  • nbzoot

    November 16, 2008 - 18:37:03   |   See all My Comments

    "Zeb Atlas went from A to ZZZzzzzz when he shaved."

    Amen. When he shaved, got too 'roided out, started having speaking roles, had to pretend to be queer...

    He should have stuck to print media.

  • neruda

    November 16, 2008 - 17:24:36   |   See all My Comments

    When you're on the wrong side of 40 JC may turn out to be a role model.

    For those not quite past that barrier - he just comes across as a dirty old man.....

  • dwc1

    November 16, 2008 - 04:18:49   |   See all My Comments

    I love it when they have jake cruise photo sets here the comments make me smile, unlike jake cruise.

  • Doctor MD

    November 16, 2008 - 01:31:34   |   See all My Comments

    I have ALWAYS loved Zeb Atlas, shaven or unshaven. The stuff of my fantasies. Now that I have seen him with Jake Cruise in this photoshoot my fantasies are replaced with an uneasy awkward feeling. Zeb, I'm soooo disappointed in you. How much did he have to pay you to sink this low?

  • Boy1der

    November 16, 2008 - 00:43:12   |   See all My Comments

    Tired! this photo set is tired.

  • averageguy

    November 15, 2008 - 22:10:05   |   See all My Comments

    While some may disagree, I think JC is hot. His models are too. He does good stuff.

  • averageguy

    November 15, 2008 - 22:00:18   |   See all My Comments

    I love Jake Cruise's work. It's all good, imho.

  • 2hot69

    November 15, 2008 - 19:47:45   |   See all My Comments

    Wow I agree with da majority of u all

  • marcos21

    November 15, 2008 - 19:22:57   |   See all My Comments

    he is amazing i just hate all of those moles on his back.

  • sleepypanda65

    November 15, 2008 - 16:47:12   |   See all My Comments

    Zeb is too over done for my taste

  • bearbacked

    November 15, 2008 - 16:23:24   |   See all My Comments

    Zeb Atlas went from A to ZZZzzzzz when he shaved.

  • Alex55

    November 15, 2008 - 15:44:22   |   See all My Comments

    kind of feel bad for Zeb. this whole shoot seemed awkward

  • NDbentley

    November 15, 2008 - 15:27:13   |   See all My Comments

    Beauty and the beast. That old man needs to croak. He's looks like a sex offender very scary looking. They're plenty of gorgoures old men and he's obviously not one of them.
    Why does he have to be in these pictures.
    It's like drinking $1000 wine out of styrofoam cup.
    Totally ruin it.

  • red2000

    November 15, 2008 - 15:21:05   |   See all My Comments

    Jake cruise should definitely offer more than just this kind of lame and uninteresting shoots

  • HeadPhuq

    November 15, 2008 - 15:12:44   |   See all My Comments

    What Jake needs to do is stop being in these photo shoots!!! He is such a huge distraction and a complete turn-off. Maybe a blindfold over his bug eyes would be a good starter. His creepiness could make even the horniest dude soft.

  • brett21852020

    November 15, 2008 - 12:23:38   |   See all My Comments

    In the last couple of pictures, the big dude seems to be trying to distance himself from the older dude.

  • RobBear1

    November 15, 2008 - 08:32:41   |   See all My Comments

    Wow! This has to be one of the least interesting photo shoots I've ever viewed on JUB. Zeb needs to "do more" than just lay there and Jake needs to come up with something fresher than "a rub down". Maybe an interracial film shoot of Zeb and Jake bottoming for 2 or 3 hot black guys might work.

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