Ross And Jake from Sean Cody at JustUsBoys - Gallery 10287
Ross And Jake (Sean Cody)
When a straight guy all but Begs you to let him get Fucked, it's time to grab the camera! As if that's not hot enough, these two Flip-FUCK!
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  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody
  • Ross And Jake from Sean Cody

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There are 19 comments on this gallery

  • inn0vation

    October 12, 2008 - 05:26:58   |   See all My Comments

    If I see Ross again while I'm checking the updates on Sean Cody for anything good, there's a very high chance that I will sign up for a membership...again.

    Jeez I love his huge cock.

  • JohnnyE

    October 11, 2008 - 09:19:06   |   See all My Comments

    This is almost perfection. A Ross vs Harley flip flop may just beat it. Ross MORE PLEASE!!!

  • wizardo

    October 07, 2008 - 02:15:30   |   See all My Comments

    >>What do you do when a straight guy all but Begs you to let him get Fucked?<<<

    Well, it's a hard job, but somebody has got to do it..and him.

  • 12fear99

    October 07, 2008 - 01:31:56   |   See all My Comments

    Love this intense action. SO horny here now.

  • HawaiianHigh

    October 07, 2008 - 00:12:47   |   See all My Comments

    #13 KalEilde and #6 Carlmurphy, get over yourselves. I'm gay, I'm not attracted to women or pussy at all. I'm also a broke college kid. If someone offered me money to fuck a chick, I would do it in a heart beat. Its not going to mean that I'm attracted to her, I would probably be taking a viagra, closing my eyes and imagining a guy, or watching some gay porn; nevertheless I would do it. And by the way, if you guys actually watch the actual video, theres a point where they do a cut aw...

  • lets-rock-this

    October 06, 2008 - 19:13:34   |   See all My Comments

    Fuck....great action and these guys have awesome lean bodies...great dicks too!

  • KalEilde

    October 06, 2008 - 02:47:36   |   See all My Comments

    #11 briefs guy: I hope you are only trying to bait me and that you don't really believe what you are saying. Sure, some heterosexuals will snarf other guys' asses and get boinked for bucks. But this constant stream of straight guys, feeding some homophobic-damaged psyches that fetishticise straights, is as phoney and as pathetic as if 80 yrs ago a sideshow sold tickets to self-loathing blacks who wanted to watch whites (really blacks in white face) brefriending blacks.

  • Desire

    October 05, 2008 - 23:45:51   |   See all My Comments

    damn, i LOVE the expressions that guys is makin

  • briefs guy

    October 05, 2008 - 16:15:22   |   See all My Comments

    In response to 'carlmurphy': Why do you find it so hard to believe that Ross is straight? I'd fuck pussy for cash. It wouldn't make me any less gay. A straight guy CAN enjoy gay sex, and still be hetero.

  • briefs guy

    October 05, 2008 - 16:10:25   |   See all My Comments

    Ross is very hot. He's got that whole "boy next door" thing going on. I was glad to see him back. I'd definitley put him in the top 5 model category for Sean Cody's site.

  • ryangreedwood

    October 05, 2008 - 02:23:58   |   See all My Comments

    Be better if Ross was actually hot.

  • ionfan

    October 04, 2008 - 23:57:54   |   See all My Comments

    It's like an X-rated Clash of the Titans.

  • hotmail

    October 04, 2008 - 23:00:13   |   See all My Comments

    any idea how big they both were?

  • carlmurphy

    October 04, 2008 - 22:11:30   |   See all My Comments

    Enough with the straight nonsense, already. Look at the Randy Blue "Colby And Leo" shoot in the next promotional panel. Those guys are certainly as "straight" appearing as the two in this shoot but you don't see Randy Blue insulting viewers' intelligence.

  • dman9924

    October 04, 2008 - 22:07:36   |   See all My Comments

    This is the best scene I have watched in a long time. I always liked Ross and these two together are awesome.

  • doodee26

    October 04, 2008 - 18:37:29   |   See all My Comments

    ooooh fuck,i like how he fucked him.and here i cum for him too..

  • Marc-de-la-Touche

    October 04, 2008 - 15:24:36   |   See all My Comments

    Bringing back !Ross! in Sean Cody is like one of those characters who goes missing in a daytime TV Soap Opera and reappears after years with a long unbelievable story except in Ross's case, he came back leaner, and swinging the same unbelievable big dick. I am such a Ross fan and to put him with Jake- this is truly a winner- I have to see this!!!

  • 1-of-a-kind

    October 04, 2008 - 14:26:09   |   See all My Comments

    i've missed Ross' big, beautiful, gorgeous cock!

  • Hungry4davidboreanaz

    October 04, 2008 - 13:19:04   |   See all My Comments

    Best fuck ive seen so far!!

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