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Update 8:56am - Sep 1:
Here we are three days into the upgrade. At this point you are probably asking yourself, "How long is this going to take". Believe me when I say I've asked myself that question about 10,000 times. The answer is as mystifying as it is frustrating. I don't have the answer and neither does anyone else. We've been in touch with vbulletin.com and extensively with our webhost and the answer is that everything is working just as it should. We did loose 26 hours yesterday after we filled up the hard drives with temporary database tables as the upgrade worked. We had to get a brand new server with bigger drives and start over. We lost a day there unfortunately. But as of late yesterday afternoon the upgrade was up and going on the new server and it has run without a hitch since then. But the database has 83 Million records in it and it just takes a long ass time to move all that around into the completely new format that the upgrade requires. This upgrade requires a complete overhaul and restructuring of all the data. According to the software vendor, the amount of time this is taking isn't odd for a database and forum as large as ours. So because of our size, we are suffering through this downtime. Bigger isn't neccesairily always better so this is doubly distressful for all you size queens out there. Keep the faith my friends... the script is working. It's just having to do a helluva lot.

Update 4:30pm - Aug 31:
The struggle is real.

Update 10:00am - Aug 31:

Nothing new to report this morning. We are still at it... the longest downtime in the history of our message board, but it's for a good cause ;)
As previously mentioned we are upgrading our message board software. We were several years behind the latest version so it's a big job. I've personally been up since 4am Aug. 30 and still going. We ran into a pretty big problem earlier this evening. The upgrade basically quadruples the size of the database. You'd think they would warn you about that before hand, but we had to figure it out the hard way. We literally just finished building a brand new server with more capacity because we filled up the drives on the database server we've been using for years as we attempted the upgrade earlier. So a bit of a set back we hadn't anticipated. Soon enough I'll be back to watching this script spit out really boring details about what it's doing to the database. It's a lot like watching paint dry. The good news is that everything will soon be running and the update to the software will continue moving ever so slowly forward. It's taken way longer than I expected but know that I appreciate your patience.

The galleries and videos plus all other parts of the site are up and running so please continue to enjoy some of the other things JustUsBoys has to offer while we work to get the forums finished.