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Will Wikle
Nov 01, 2008 | By: Admin
Wil Wikle
Rick Day

How did you get cast in Another Gay Sequel? I wish there was some sort of sexy casting couch involved, but in reality I auditioned like everyone else.

Your character is loosely based on the character portrayal of the "Mean Girl" seen so often in other mainstream films and TV shows.  What was the best part of playing a flamboyant "Mean Gay”? 
I've always wanted to be the captain of the cheerleaders for a day!  Bad girls always have the most fun.

What is your most memorable moment on set? 
Fake movie-sexing Tommy Blade.  It was a magical half hour for sure.

This marks your first acting role in a movie.  Do you have plans on pursuing other roles in the future? 
I was cast in an indie drama called Shifting the Canvas opposite Alan Cumming, Cheyenne Jackson, and Erykah Badu.  I will play a New Orleans hustler who is involved with Alan's character.  My first two movie roles have been the bitch and the ho. Go figure.

Rumor has it that you had a little romance with co-star Brent Corrigan during filming.  Can you put the rumors to rest and tell the readers what the true story is between the two of you? 
I love the rumors, though!  It makes life so much more fun.  Seriously, we had a good time and are still close friends.  I will say that he can totally kiss like a pro...but I guess he is kind of a pro, huh?

This film features many guys who appear in gay porn films, including Brent Corrigan, Michael Lucas, Colton Ford and many others as featured extras.  How was it working with these gay porn stars in addition to the other mainstream actors? 
I think Colton's cameo was hands down the funniest in the entire movie.  My first day of filming was with Colton and when it came time to change into our costumes, he got naked right in front of the makeup girl and me.  He turned around and we high-fived.  Everyone should be entitled to see his wang in should be a god-given right.

In preparing for your role, how did you channel your inner "Mean Gay?"  Perhaps the twins from Big Brother 5 gave you some inspiration? 
Those hot bitches!?  Hell to the no.  I am so over Big Brother it's not even funny.  I'm glad to have participated, but I don't even watch that show anymore.  I'm more of a “Top Model” gay, you know?

Since your appearance on Big Brother 5 you have certainly surpassed the proverbial "15 minutes" of fame that most other reality stars have.  What do you attribute your success to in securing a hosting spot on Logo's Round Trip Ticket and your radio talk show?
I am just a very lucky person in that respect.  I was open to it, but never expected it or felt entitled to it.  I worked very hard to prepare for both of those jobs and I think they really paved the way for future successes.

You had a very successful interview with conservative and fellow reality star Elisabeth Hasselbeck on “The View”.  Were you surprised to hear that she was not as opposed to gay marriage and gay rights as you may have thought prior to the interview? 
That was hands down my favorite on-camera moment.  It was such an adrenaline rush to be at that table five days before Rosie left.  The backstage intensity was palpable.  I don't think Elisabeth is as socially conservative as many would guess, but she knows it's how she earns her paycheck so she gives them what they want.

With the upcoming presidential election right around the corner, what do you think are the most important factors the gay voter needs to be focused on in selecting the right candidate? If you are gay, there is no other choice besides Obama.  He can't say a lot of pro-gay stuff, which would alienate moderate voters during the general election, but he has our best interest at heart.  If McCain is elected, he will appoint Supreme Court justices who would build gay concentration camps.  Mark my words.  After the hell this country has been through, I've decided that I will never hook up with anyone who doesn't vote in this election.  We should all do our part, right?

Derek Curl has indicated that you and he are in pre-production on a new reality show, can you give any insight into what this show will entail? 
I guess I can't give much away.  But it would BLOW UP gay tv.  It would be dramatic, scandalous and very sexy, but in a sincere sort of way.  You'll hear more from us very, very soon.

What is next for Will? 
More movies, money, and menz would make for a hot 2009.

How can your fans contact you?  
I've totally converted into a Facebook guy.  I accept all friend requests so don't be shy.  I love the gays so much. Let me hear from you.

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