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Troy Michaels Poised for Reentry
Mar 31, 2009 | By: Ken Furtado
Troy Michaels

If your porn memory goes back more than five years, you might remember Troy Michaels. Michaels was a twink when they still called it chicken. Slender as a reed, over six feet tall and with curly blond hair, Michaels was a popular bottom known for his nine-inch cock, his flexibility and his vocal expressiveness while getting fucked. Michaels made over a dozen films between 2000 and 2003, then left the industry and moved to Europe. Now he's back in the USA, living in Palm Springs, dancing and making plans to revive his porn career. A new website is also under development. You can be his friend on Facebook, where he's listed as Troy Michaels.

Here's a list of some of his films:
Duke Miller's Lumberjack Gang Bang (Big Blue)
Finish Me Off (Rascal Video)
High Desert (Sports & Recreation Video)
Now and Forever (Studio 2000)
Poolside with Dean Phoenix (Sports & Recreation Video)
Porn Struck 5 (All Worlds)
The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony (All Worlds Video)
Tales from the Treehouse (Big Blue)
When a Top Man Tumbles (Regiment)
When Sparks Fly (Studio 2000)

Michaels, who was doing mainstream modeling before adult entertainment, was encouraged to go into to porn by the guy he was dating at the time — Dean Phoenix. Dean hooked him up with director Mike Donner, who cast him in an episode of the First Time Tryers series. Troy was 18 at the time. He took his first name from a guy he had a crush on in high school and "Michaels" was nod to Mike Donner.

After a little more than three years, Michaels left the industry. Here's his story:

"I became close with Blue Blake and he set me up with a good friend of his in England who was a make-up artist. I went to London to live and work with him. I studied special effects make-up and fashion, as well as stage make-up at the City of Westminster College.

"I was getting burned out living a fast life, hanging out late at private clubs in the West End red light district of London and spending weekends at Boy George's house. But it was time to slow down. Then by chance I ran into two old friends — one Swede, one American. They had opened a salon in Sweden and asked me to move there and help sell their new make-up line. After three months, they moved back to America. I stayed because I had meet someone I really liked and we got married six months later!

"I had all sorts of different jobs during my seven year stay. I worked as a barman, I worked at Burger King, I managed a clothing shop, then I worked as a home caretaker for people with life threatening illnesses for three years. After years of people telling me how great I was in porn, I think it went to my head and these jobs helped bring me down to earth. I had eight years to mature in Europe.

"Now my Jack Russell terrier Tony and I are living in Palm Springs. My six-year marriage has come to an end and I'm doing here what I do best — adult entertainment! I'm starting my new website,, which will feature T-Time with Troy. I'm also going to have every kind of amateur porn you can think of: tranny sex, bi, spanking, golden showers, leather, twink, daddy, bear, jock — all of it! I'm currently looking for investors.

Troy is a romantic at heart, the kind of guy who likes strawberries and champagne, and long walks at sunset. But he has a kinky side: he likes to have sex with bi-guys while their girlfriends watch, and he lost his virginity in a three-way with a brother and sister. Chat with him on Facebook and keep an eye out for his next porn outing.

Thanks to for providing the photos of the new (head buzzed) Troy.

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