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Real Couple: Jesse Santana and Guy Parker
Jan 01, 2008 | By: Angel
Jesse Santana And Guy Parker

How long have you two been together?
JS&GP: Since January 17, 2007.

And how did you guys meet? JS: I stalked him on MySpace a little bit, and then we had mutual friends in Dallas. I just saw him out at the clubs and I found out that he became single and I went after him. GP: And I accepted. (laughs)

So did you keep track of his relationship status before you actually met him? JS: Yeah because all his boyfriends were ugly! GP: WHAT?!? He was going out with someone too; I kind of stole him away from the guy that he was kind of talking to.

When you guys first saw each other was it love at first sight? JS: I think in my case it was. I think that he just wanted a piece of ass.

And did he get some that first night? GP: Yeah. (all laugh)

What was the first thing that you noticed about each other? JS: His tan, his arms, his eyes, and his smile. GP: His ass. (giggles)

What is a typical day like for you two as a couple? JS: I wake up very cranky. GP: Yeah, he wakes up cranky so I’m usually the one that gets up first and let him get up by himself. I do things before he wakes up so he can come out of that sleepy stage. Sometimes he sleeps in all day. JS: I stay in bed a lot.

Well it’s a good thing that you made a profession out of it, isn’t it? JS: (laughs) Right! Then we go tanning and we go to the gym, go out to eat dinner, and run errands.  GP: We love little car rides together. JS: And lying down in bed together is our favorite time of day.

Are you two in an open or closed relationship?  JS: We are in a closed relationship, but we have our fun.

Care to elaborate on that, Guy? GP: We have our fun. (sheepishly) Others can play WITH us.

What is the most romantic thing that you two have ever done for each other? JS: I thought that it was romantic when we went back to Kentucky to visit my family. We went 4-wheel riding and had sex on the 4-wheeler out in the middle of the woods. GP: We had to go back to get lube! (laughs) It was hot, but it was funny because his parents didn’t know what we were doing.

So you went 4-wheel riding with the whole family? GP: No! ha-ha We left them at home. They just knew that we were going to go 4-wheel riding. We went on this property that is out there in the middle of nowhere, and fucked by a tree on the 4-wheeler.

Was it scary? GP: It was hot. No, not the fucking, the 4-wheel riding, because I just picture the two of you and it being like Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless when she gets on the freeway and starts freaking out. GP: Oh no, when Jesse was pulling the 4-wheeler out, he accidentally hit the gas too hard and he overturned it. He flipped it on himself. It was funny. I laughed.

What is the one thing about each other that can sometimes be annoying? GP: His attitude. JS: His ditziness.

OK, and what is your favorite thing about one another? JS: His innocence and naïveté’, his childlike personality. I think it’s cute sometimes. GP: The cutest thing about Jesse is the way his little nose twitches and stuff he does all the time. It’s so cute. It’s like, “Awww…”

What do you feel is the key to a successful relationship? JS: I think that one thing you can’t do is look for things you like in other people. You can’t compare what you have to anybody else. If you end a good thing then it’s just going to happen over and over again. So if you’ve got a good thing you better find a way to keep it. GP: Same.

Does the fact that you are both in the adult industry help or hurt your relationship? Is it easier that you both do the same thing and know what the other is going through, or is it more difficult due to jealousy issues and things like that? Or a little bit of both? JS: I think that some couples where both are in the industry definitely have difficulty with it. Us both being in the industry doesn’t affect us at all, really. It’s just fun for us. We have our fun with it, we’re not going to take it too seriously and let it affect us. It’s just more fun things that we get to do together. GP: Before I started in porn I was like, “I’ll never date a porn star!” I thought, “It’s not work. You’re not really working,” or whatever. But then I found out that it’s actually a LOT of work to fuck on camera!

How influential was Jesse in your decision to start in the business, Guy? GP: Uh, I actually went with him to be with him on a shoot. It was Bottom Of The Ninth: Little Big League III from Chi Chi LaRue and Doug Jeffries. I guess Chi Chi found out that I had never done a video before, and I was thinking about doing porn. Chi Chi said, “You have to!”

How long do you guys see yourselves staying in the industry? JS: I don’t really like to put a time limit on it. Maybe 2 more years? GP: I’m just getting started. JS: There are other plans. There are other things that are happening for us. GP: We have a business that we are about to start.

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