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Newlywed porn stars Tristan and Tristan
Nov 28, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Tristan Jaxx And Tristan Phoenix
Geof Teague, Raging Stallion Studios

Tristan is an ancient and noble name. Sir Tristan was a Knight of the Round Table in King Arthur's court and another Tristan (who in some legends is the same person) is famous for his forbidden love for Queen Isolde. Derived from the Latin word tristis, it means "sorrowful." According to Wikipedia, since 1971 it has been among the top 1,000 names for newborn boy babies in the USA.

I would not have thought it terribly popular for gay porn stars, but a few minutes on the Internet turned up no fewer than 29 Tristans! Interestingly, two of those Tristans are married to each other in the state of California: Tristan Phoenix and Tristan Jaxx. Both are currently (although they have not always been) Raging Stallion exclusive models.

When you see them onscreen, Tristan Phoenix is a bottom and Tristan Jaxx is a top, though that doesn’t necessarily carry over into their personal lives. You can see Tristan Phoenix in Road Trip 4: Big Sur (Falcon) and Big Bigger Biggest 1 and 2, Home Bodies and Hotter Than Hell 1 (all Raging Stallion). You can see Tristan Jaxx in To the Last Man  (Raging Stallion); Endless Crush, Rough Play, Fleet Week and Best Men (all Falcon); and Contact (Mustang). For information online, there's,, and /tristanphoenix. There is also a flickr:

I gave them a holler to see if they wanted to talk about themselves for their fans.

How did each of you acquire the name Tristan? I just did a search on TLA video for porn stars named Tristan and came up with 29 names. I had no idea there were so many.

I had Jaxx, after my cat, and I wanted something that sounded good with that. Apparently, Tristan's a very popular name. We did not name ourselves after each other, it was purely coincidental.

TP: Tristan sounded exotic. Also, I named myself after Tristan Paris, one of my favorite porn actors.

What does the passage of Prop. 8 mean for your marriage. Will existing marriages be allowed to remain or is that not known yet?

Currently we are still officially married. The courts are fighting over our rights as we speak.

How did you meet? When? When did you get married?

TJ: We met when I was DJing at a club in San Francisco.

TP: I was dancing and he was a DJ. We got married June 18 2008.

How hard is it to manage a porn career and sustain a relationship?

It's very complicated at times because we are both very passionate individuals, but that's the beauty of it. It's a huge turn on to see the other one in action. Outside of porn, we remain monogamous.

What other studios or websites have you worked for?

TJ: Former Falcon exclusive and now Raging Stallion exclusive.

TP: I've done one film with Falcon, and the rest with Raging Stallion.

Tristan P., you told me you had a swimming pool fetish. What's that?

In high school I was a swimmer and had multiple experiences with members of the swim team. I love the thought of being in just swimming trunks out in the open and having sex. I love everything about it. Hopefully a swimming themed movie is in my future.

What work, if any, do you both do apart from porn?

TJ: I work in marketing, and I also DJ.

TP: I work in an administration department and I am currently enrolled in college for fashion and interior design.

What brought each of you to porn? What was your first film?

TJ: Someone scouted me and asked if I'd be interested in doing porn, and it was something in my mind, because I like attention and showing off all my hard work from countless gym visits. My first movie was Endless Crush.

TP: I had a moderate career in modeling when I was younger and am an exhibitionist. I enjoy the attention of others. My first film was Big, Bigger, Biggest Part 1.

When you socialize, do you tend to gravitate to others who are also in relationships? Do you hang out with other porn stars? Are your social lives independent of each other?

We don't normally hang out with other couples; most of our friends are single. We on occasion hang out with other porn stars in the industry. We tend to socialize together.

What about biological families? Do you have relatives you are close to? Are you open about your work in adult entertainment and if so, how does that sit with the family?

TJ: I talk to my family on occasion but we are not close. My parents are still having trouble accepting that I'm gay, so we haven't reached that stage in our relationship where I could tell them about porn.

My family and I are very close. My family does not know about my career in the adult industry. They would probably freak. I think my mom knows though.

Would the two of you be interested in doing a scene together or would that be too intrusive?

TJ: Yes, we actually are doing our first scene together just before Thanksgiving, which is really exciting. I wrote a blog about it on my website So we'll be having some photos of the two of us together from that as well.

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December 01, 2008 - 09:41:19Very nice and hot porn married couple. They have much to share.
December 15, 2008 - 00:28:39You know...I am married man and it is amazing when I see gay guys so in peace about themselves... WOW!
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