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Kurt Wild: Not your everyday Daddy
Sep 01, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Kurt Wild
Mick Hicks

I'd seen Kurt Wild in several studio productions but his appearance as the middleman in Michael Lucas'
Pounding the Pavement made my dick stand at attention like nothing he'd done before. So I'm watching the DVD extras on that film and I am gobsmacked when he says he is the happily married father of three children. All this while cuddling and canoodling with Michael Lucas. That crossed my cock-brain barrier and I had to talk to him.

Physically, Wild is a handsome, slender young man who would be a good match for anyone's lawnboy fantasy. He can be either scruffy or smooth onscreen. He has vividly defined abs and a fat cock.

Kurt's kids are 4, 3 and 2, and he's their biological father. At 22. He, Mom and the kids all live together happily in the midwest. Unlike many other porn performers, whose income is 100% porn-derived, Kurt has a day job. It takes a lot of money to support a family of five and plan for the future, so Kurt and the missus are pondering their options right now. Though it's nice to get the extra income porn provides, they both know it won't last forever. Kurt is considering a career behind the camera, probably as a still photographer, while his wife wonders if she can balance being a full-time mom with a career in cosmetology.

Despite his youth, Kurt has been in this relationship for six years. Although he refers to his girlfriend as his wife, they are not, in fact, married. Kurts explains that marriage is not called "holy matrimony" for nothing, and that as long as he is doing porn, he cannot reconcile his lifestyle with a trip to the altar.

The wife is supportive, particularly when there's not another woman in the picture. When Kurt does a straight sex scene for online audiences, his wife is grateful to know that Kurt doesn't keep it a secret, but she is "not too excited about it."

Kurt's porn journey began a few years ago, when he posted a headshot of himself on the website That photo got him a reply from photographer James Johnson, who quickly steered him to Corbin Fisher.

There, he shot a solo and a straight scene. He expected to do just straight porn, but was encouraged to explore his sexuality. So he agreed to let a guy suck him on camera, and ended up returning the blow job. That led to another scene, in which Kurt topped his partner, and then to a scene in which he gets fucked by a model named Julian.

I asked Kurt whether he ever had any experiences with another guy before Corbin Fisher, and he assured me that he had not so much as ever thought of it. In the scene where Julian fucks him (you can still see it at, where it has a 5/5 reader rating), he is really and truly getting his ass-cherry popped.

Kurt stubbornly resists labels. He doesn't consider himself gay or bi, and in fact declines to put any spin on his on-camera sexual behavior. He finds that having sex with guys has its advantages in the paychecks and in the lack of drama. He says, "We can connect for a couple of hours and then be friends afterwards."

Jet Set was the first studio to hire him, for its production Proven Straight, in which he has a scene with Nickolay Petrov. Reviewer Onan the Vulgarian wrote about that scene, "Wild and Petrov are like fire and fire. ... Wild is physically much smaller but he's all hard muscle and getting fucked in the ass is something he obviously loves because he practically levitates the bed."

Since then, Wild has worked for most of the major studios: Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, Titan, Falcon, FPG, HIS, Buckshot. Pretty impressive for a career that's younger than his youngest child. Kurt says that his scene with Dean Flynn in Titan's Copperhead Canyon is probably his favorite, even though he was sick during the shoot. "Me and Dean brought out the best in each other," he says.

Right now, Wild is working on becoming multi-orgasmic, delivering at least two cumshots per scene. As for the future, he's constructing he's constructing his perfect porn fantasy in his head. Maybe he'll pitch it to a director some day. Regardless of the number of performers, or their gender, it has to have mystery, romance and passion.

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September 02, 2008 - 04:37:48Kurt is wild! Love that body and work he has done.
September 07, 2008 - 16:52:01All the best to Kurt in his fight against Subway.
January 31, 2009 - 20:36:58first off he is not married he has a girlfriend and have kids by her..they been together for a while like 4 years..and second he is not straight at all...if you suck dick and get fucked in your ass an...
January 31, 2009 - 20:38:57that make you gay..if you have a girlfriend and have sex with men that make you bisexual..kurt is fucking stupid!!!
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