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Jackson Wild: All-American Boy Gone Bad
Jul 31, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Jackson Wild
Gio Photography

If Jackson Wild is still wet behind the ears, as porn stars go, it's not so much a comment on his relative newness to the industry as it is a testament to his sexual voraciousness, which leaves him and anyone he tangles with pretty much wet all over. Pick your fluid. This fellow didn't have much of a career ladder to climb: he started with Randy Blue and Titan! The world is now his snail (oysters are for the straights).

What's your age, height, weight and level of education?
I'm 21 (22 as of September 12), 5'9'', 155 lbs., college graduate.

What was your particular road to porn?

It all started by placing photos of myself on a modeling site, and from there I was contacted by Randy Blue. I took on a few shoots with Mr. Blue … had a fan base that started to grow, then was contacted by Howard Andrew at FabScout. And I guess you could say the rest is history, hehe.

Why aren't you on FabScout's model page?
Both Howard and I carry on a very personal and true friendship. This friendship actually goes beyond work. Howard is a dear friend of mine. I truly love him. I have chosen not to be on the FabScout page. I love what I do, and Howard knows what do to and how to do it. Its not the biggest deal for me to be on that site. The industry knows who represents Jackson Wild.

Where were you born? Where do you live now?
Born in New Albany, Mississippi. Living now right outside Chicago.

What was your day job before porn? Do you have a job that's independent of the adult industry or do porn and porn-related activities provide all your income right now?
My job before porn was going to school and working at a fitness center. I am right now working at the gym making my own schedule. They allow me to do so, so it does not collide with porn.

You have worked for a lot of studios but not, to my knowledge, ever signed an exclusive contract with anyone. Why is that?
Well oddly enough, a lot of my friends in the industry have asked the same thing. To be honest, I tend to have a growing interest in the industry; there are many levels and types of work I like to do. I am a very diversified performer. I am watching and waiting to see, who will really strike a chord with me. I love all the studios I have had the pleasure of working with. I make it a promise to every director I work with that they will receive 110 percent out of me every time.

Do you have a favorite scene or costar?

My favorite scene to date, would still have to be the one I shot with Damien Crosse for Titan's Breakers, directed by Bruce Cam. Being on a pristine California beach with one of the hottest guys in porn, and with a crew that truly knew how to make a movie a spectacle rather than just a porn.

What is the most fun you ever had on a set (whether the cameras were on or off)?

I would have to say on set when I was shooting Paging Dr. Finger for Hot House Studios, directed by Steven Scarborough. That butt plug was sure a challenge, but I had someone on the backside of the set making me feel a hell of a lot better. I had a teeny tiny crush on a member of the Hot House crew. And I had the luxury of him watching me perform. I can't say for sure, but I don't think he stopped smiling, hehe.

Is there a studio or performer you have not worked for/with that you would like to? Who?
Actually that will all come true this August, as I will take the stage in front of the camera with Raging Stallion Studios, and be partnered with in my eyes, the hottest guy that Raging Stallion has, Ricky Sinz. We are definitely going to show Chris Ward what rough, rude, powerful fucking is all about. And that is directly from the power bottom's mouth.

What's in store for the future? Do you have long-range plans for a career in porn or are you only in it for now and/or for fun?
There are large and exciting things in store for fans and guests of everything and anything JACKSON WILD. This fall is going to usher in a new age for Jackson. I am working out twice as hard, and I am gaining a little weight. I started cage fighting here outside of Chicago, as well as joined a wrestling team. So when all of you get the next glimpse of Jackson Wild, he is going to be healthier, stronger, and even more energetic. So sit back because, unlike some ... this WILD ride has no chance of slowing down anytime soon. I am smarter, more wise about the industry, and just overall more educated. So enjoy what is about to become, A Year of Jackson Wild.

Do you have any special causes ... things that you feel passionately enough about to want your public to know, and if so, what?
The ASPCA, I have two dogs and a salt water fish tank here at home. I love every kind of animal. There is so much we can learn, and so much that we can enjoy in the presence of an animal. Everyday I sit back and play with my dogs and see these two little people, then I look at my fish tank and see this world that is all their own, this place just for them. I hate to see or know of any animal being abused or treated in any manner that is not respectful, humane and fulfilling.

Where does a person go who wants to know more about you? I was not able to view your MySpace page.
Actually I have fixed my Myspace page, so everyone can take a glance. Also check out
and watch in the later fall for

How is it that you can ride a horse?

To explain the horse thing, just look above. My love for animals drove my mother and me to take trail riding lessons and visit horse barns. Also, being from the south, I figured to keep my southern heritage alive and ride a few horses every once in a while.

What's your secret for being able to swallow a huge cock like Chad Hunt's? That was some pretty amazing work you did with Chad Hunt in Unknown for Chi Chi.
First off, that took a lot, a lot, of self preparation, putting myself in the right mindset, knowing I was making a movie with famed director Chi Chi LaRue. Also I guess you could say I have had some practice. Sucking is next to bottoming my favorite thing to do when playing. I could do it all day.  :)

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August 03, 2008 - 10:40:29Great interview. Nice to 'get to know' so to speak the person behind the...ahem..ya know.
August 04, 2008 - 04:38:33A true man of gay porn.
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