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Diesel Washington
Dec 29, 2008 | By: Sha
Diesel Washington talks to JUB
Media Gio

How did you get your start in the industry?  Well I have always been a fan of porn. I mean a real fan. I have watched so much porn through the years; it was something that I have always wanted to get involved with.  I sent my pictures to all the companies out there hoping that someone would give me a chance.  Titan responded and in two weeks I was signed and filming with them.

What does diversity mean to you? To me diversity is, all races and genders given an equal shot at their dreams in any field they desire to be in. The easy answer is a melting pot of all different people, religion, race, creeds and gender.
How important was it for you to work with a diverse cast instead of choosing to work for a studio that featured only one ethnicity? It was very important to me. I did not want to get stereotyped into being one type of performer. While there is room for that type of work in the porn industry, the Diesel character did not want to be locked in a specialty group. I wanted to compete in the main forum to show there are men of color that can also be equally as hot as the all American types that you normally see gracing the covers of your favorite porn movies.

Have you ever experienced any negativity about your race from either a director or another actor? Well to be honest, I haven't had any problems from the studios or crew, and the industry as a whole has embraced me and made my time in the business amazing. As far as other models, I have had my problems. I don’t know if the defining factor was my race or other concerns. I have had models not willing to work with me because of my height, size, fucking power and intensity. Some of these excuses have merit, and some don’t. So it’s hard to read people sometimes. For the record, I have heard of other models not being into black men or any men of color. But, no one has expressed their preferences to me directly, and there is always a middleman who does the casting so sometimes I don’t really know the situation.  I don’t really care. It’s not my loss it’s theirs. You’re not a power bottom unless you go through me first. A power bottom has to be tested by a power top. Period.

Why do you think there is a limited amount of interracial gay porn in the industry? I think there is a limited amount of Interracial because it’s a dying specialty.  The term interracial is such an old term. We are all models in this business. There are hot white models, hot latin models and hot black models, but the most important word in that sentence is "Models". I work with other models that happen to be white, Latin, and Asian.  The fetish of the models being different races has faded in my opinion.  All that is left are hot models to work with and doing hot scenes that get people to jerk off.

What do you think the biggest misconception about Diesel Washington is? That is a tie between people thinking that I can only do the hardcore action and thinking I am mean, aggressive and like to beat my boys. That is nothing but bullshit and rumors I get so tired of hearing. I can do the love story, sports themed, or just be another hot guy walking around a pool.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your career? The most challenging aspect is keeping my sanity in this ever changing business. It changes like night and day. When you think you’re on top of the world, the next day you might be on the bottom of someone’s shoe.  It’s like any other part of the entertainment business. One minute you’re the hottest thing out there, the next minute you’re like day old bread. It takes a lot not to go a little bit nuts.

Do you feel that because of your look, you have been portrayed a certain way on film? Of course! I’m 6'6, 245lbs and mean as hell looking. Dude, if I saw me walking down the street at night, I would move to the other side.  It’s a look that I have had for many years. It seemed to get me cast for movies and roles outside of porn, so I work with it.

You recently left Titan Media and became a free agent. What prompted this? It was time for a change. Titan felt like my home and I did some good work at Titan and loved every minute of it.  But, I wanted to work more and as an exclusive I only had a certain number of scenes per year. I also wanted the opportunity to work for different companies and different directors. I was too comfortable over at Titan. Titan won best studio, best movie, best extreme, best leather, best videography, and one of its models even won hottest cock, (That’s Me!), at the 2008 Grabbys. I don’t think you can get much better than that. I left Titan when it reached its peak in the industry. There is no better time to leave than when you are on top.  I will miss Titan. They started this dream of mine. Now it’s my time to shine on my own.

Who was your favorite scene partner? Wow, there have been so many models that were great to work with. I can't single out just one: Francois Sagat, Alex Baresi (page 16), Rick Van Sant, Markus Ram, CJ Knight.

You have an amazing blog, where at times you get very personal.  What inspired you to start your blog?  My blog is very personal, and it started just to chart my progress in the industry. I didn’t think that many people would read it, or even care. It was 3 years ago, before I even started in porn, it begins from the grass roots of me wanting to do porn and it just kept going and going. I am happy that people read it.    

What are your hopes and advice for people of color within the adult industry? Make sure your body is tight, and your performances are amazing time after time. Bring energy every time you hit that set. Be honest with your strengths and weaknesses, and above all, have fun! We are getting closer to our goal of being equal in beauty with all-American types. Being edgy is in now!  America is a melting pot and it’s about time that the industry realizes that. Not only blonde and blue-eyed boys bring in the money.  America has changed and beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Love yourself!

What can your fans expect from you next? They can expect to see the Diesel character grow a little. He will still play the mean guy roles and fetish work, but he will add some straight porn and a lot more vanilla work. I am also in talks to do some mainstream acting roles. 2009 will be a great year for Diesel. I hope the fans can be patient. It takes time to film, edit, and promote everything that’s coming out.

You mention that you want to expand more in your porn roles and venture away from the "aggressive" image you have portrayed.  What would be the ultimate role/scene for Diesel Washington? That is a hard question. I want to venture into more passion roles, give a shot at the pool theme movies, and ideally I want to do a detective role.  I see a lot of the older porn and nobody did the detective role really well.  Suspense is missing in porn nowadays. Granted most want to fast forward to the sex, but if your going to pay sixty bucks for a porno, you want the acting to be strong, the guys hot, and the sex smoking!  If you add some plot twists and suspense I think it will make any movie hotter.  There is a recession now, and fans want more bang for their buck! Detective Washington: I like the ring of that.  I even wrote a script for it, that’s how serious I am about it!

We hear that you created a new character, "Dexter De Large". How did he come to be and what does he represent to you? Gio, the photographer, and I created Dexter De Large in Florida. Gio had this vision of “Clock Work Orange”, and I loved the movie!  The main character was Alex De Large and it’s a cult classic.  I highly identified with the character. Gio took the pictures of Dexter and I just ran with the character. Diesel Washington is a character that I created, and it made sense to create another that is opposite of the Diesel character. Diesel is mean, rough, aggressive and in your face, but Dexter is funny, witty, evil, and he smiles a lot. Dexter has a twisted sick sense of humor and the response has been great. I’m expanding the character more, but for now, he only makes guest appearances on the blog and has only performed live a few times. He is ever changing, so look out for more of him in the future. He may have a starring role in an upcoming movie, but who knows.

What actor would you like to work with? As far as real acting: Christian Bale hands down. This guy gets into his characters. He feels their pain. He goes that extra mile to make the role his. I also like Ed Norton and Denzel Washington.

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