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Cody Cummings: The anti-interview
Sep 26, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Cody Cummings

Over the past 20 years I have interviewed more than 100 porn personalities. Sometimes I approach them; sometimes they ask me first. In the case of Cody Cummings, I was approached by his studio.

Cody is a handsome hunk of guy with big muscles and a ready smile. He has a popular website, On the site, you can watch him shower, jack off, get sucked off (and sometimes rimmed) by guys, and fuck women. Those are the limits of Cody's world. He's not interested in pushing the envelope, just as he was barely interesting in answering my questions. Cody was not rude, but his responses were so clipped and guarded, and there were so many questions he declined to answer, that there's nothing in this interview that reveals anything beyond what you can learn by visiting his website - except you can read the interview for free. And what fun is that, when a porn personality closes himself off to his fans?

Cody says on his site, "I'm not much into talking about myself." That's an understatement. When asked who he's referring to in his public mentions about "family," he answered "Pass," as he did when asked about his education, what he did before launching his adult career, and numerous other topics and questions.

On his site, he claims that his job excites him: "It is so exciting for me to have such a job. I always have the time of my life at work. I mean, what could you dislike about sex, laughs and good times?"

Talking to him does not reflect that. Even Cody's publicist agreed.

Last week I happened to watch the original 1959 movie Gidget, in which a young Cliff Robertson plays The Big Kahuna (Robertson played Peter Parker's Uncle Ben, who gets killed in the first Spider-Man movie, for you younger readers). Cummings is a ringer for Robertson in that movie - and that's probably the most interesting thing you'll find in this article.

Here are Cody's replies to the questions he was willing to answer:

How does a straight man end up with a website so popular with gay audiences? How did come about?
I don't know. I do know that people in nature want what they can't have. I started this not knowing what would come of it. I was a male dancer first and I went by Cody. I started porn and the audience seemed to like me? Then

It appears from watching your videos that you set fairly strict limits on what you will do with another guy in front of a camera. Can your fans expect to see those limits relax in the future? Kissing maybe? Fucking a guy? How do you see your site evolving?
Who knows? I never thought I'd be doing this. And I want my site to become something that doesn't have a label. It's not gay, straight. It's something sexual and hot, for everyone!

What percent of your members are women? Bisexual men? In other words, what kind of fans do you attract?
I hear about 30% are women. Bisexual men? I don't know.

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