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Chaos Men's Bryan Ockert
May 31, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Teo Gets Serviced

Bryan Ockert may be one of the sexiest men alive, and that's said without regard to his age, height, weight, physical appearance or endowment. Ockert's is the fiendish mind behind ChaosMen, a dimension in Cyberspace that you need to visit if you haven't already been there. And the reason he is sexy is because he understands sex, he can film sex, and he can create a sexual "reality" experience on film that truly is mind-blowing.

A reviewer recently wrote, "in a genre where new niches are mighty scarce, Bryan Ockert has produced a hen with teeth." That was in response to watching a video he produced, containing clips from his site, titled EDGE Series, Vol. 1.

What Ockert does, sexually, is get into your head, and into the heads of his models, and release some kind of chemical that leads everyone into new sexual dimensions. He calls it a "psychological event," and although we talk about it in the following interview, you really need to experience it for yourself.

Ockert's Web sites are and

You say online that Chaos Men stated out as an ego site: "Here are my stats, here are my pictures, you wanna get laid?" Yet your onscreen presence is minimal compared to other producers (e.g., Jake Cruise) who film themselves having sex. Can you elaborate on your startup site? Were you more of an active participant in the original Chaos in Austin?
Yes, the original site was very focused on Bryan Ockert. Almost 10 years ago, I was one of the first sites with cams all around the house: bedroom cam, shower cam, and a very detailed journal, made for an immersive experience. It was very focused on me.

Since there wasn't much out there like that, the traffic was immense and the costs were great. I tried to change the focus to my photography to build revenue.

Youth seems to be a bit more appreciated amongst the gay crowd, so the older I got, the less comfortable I felt being in front of the camera. As ChaosInAustin changed into ChaosMen, I continued to phase my presence out of the site. I wanted the site to have more universal appeal, and not be tied to a name and a face that would age, get tired, and its success be so entwined with its producer that if I left, it would sink. If I sold the site, or died, would the site go on without me at the helm?

I wanted to create something beyond me, and to do that, I needed to fade to the background. In other words, I didn't want the site to be like other sites where the producer's name is the site and then a new Shamu is brought in to take the old Shamu's place.

Having said that, my presence in videos seems to have increased of late. I do limit my exposures to quick flashes, and I do "Serviced" and "Edge" videos where I am blowing the guys. But I have been interacting a bit more on film.

This is kind of a necessary evil. The guys do solos with me and feel like they can trust me the first time getting a blow job. It surprises me how often they actually ask that I be the one to do it. It's a step they take, and after the oral video, they will often come back and do full-on sex with another dude.

Where did "Chaos" and your tag line come from? Is there any relation to the sci-fi that you like?
I was always an early adopter of technology. I was one of those kids who had one of the first Basic computers and a 300-baud modem. I would hack around the net, using the name Chaos. Nothing naughty, just nosing around, long before anyone knew about digital trespassing.

So for the last 30 years, I held on to the Chaos moniker throughout the growth of the Internet, using it mostly in early versions of chat rooms. Before long, the name Chaos would be taken and I set my screen name to ChaosInTexas.

This eventually became frustrating when people would always ask, "Where in Texas" and I would have to say Austin. Thus, the name became ChaosInAustin. Then I was no longer in Austin, and the site wasn't about me, but about the men. ChaosMen was born.

Do you ever just walk up to a guy and ask him to model or are you well-known enough by now that they come to you or are referred by others?
I never go up and ask models. It's too creepy for them. I get most of my models from other models who have a good experience and then refer me to their friends. I also have friends who routinely scout for me.

Can you give some idea of the gamut of reactions you get from straight guys when you ask them to masturbate or do an "Edge" or "Serviced" shoot?
I created the Edge videos as a way to ease the straight guys into oral with a guy. A blindfold helps, because they can't see what's going on, and the headphones with girls getting banged immerses them in an erotic fantasy. The implied bondage allows them to give up control, making what is happening less their responsibility. It plays very well on their psyches.

Their reactions continue to surprise me. They usually respond very enthusiastically, and if the guy has a bit of domination or submission, they can easily visualize doing it.

Some guys can't get past the idea that they won't have straight porn to look at, so I started doing the Serviced videos. Serviced videos aren't anything new, but I do try to film it uniquely, and I can usually get a pretty good reaction from the guys.

I tend to film with a lot of quick cuts. It frustrates some viewers who are used to looong shots of the same action, but I like it because you can see everything from all angles.

The Edge videos do require the guys to film some crazy fantasy sequences. This further pushes their boundaries, and makes transitioning into a full-on fuck film easier. Serviced videos don't require anything but for the guy to lay there and enjoy. So for really uptight straight guys, sometimes the Serviced video is a better choice, despite seeing my head bob up and down on their dicks.

Do you find there are models who perform as a way of giving themselves permission to explore sexual behaviors that they otherwise wouldn't or couldn't do?
Here is my take on the breakdown. Out of 10 models, eight are straight, or say they are straight, and routinely use straight porn to get aroused for a shoot. Of those eight, there are one or two that in my mind I am thinking, "This guy hasn't figured out he is gay!" They are putting themselves in harm's way, so to speak, and sometimes getting paid to be gay takes the ownership of their actions away from them. But overall, most of the guys are straight, and would never think to play with a dude in their personal lives.

There are a few other guys that I have to say are pure exhibitionists and that has little to do with their sexuality. They get off on anyone and truly enjoy making videos that will get people off. Adam, one of my main models, is a perfect example. He's pretty darn straight, but he loves making the videos as hot as possible, and will flirt outrageously with anyone in public. He gets turned on, turning you on.

Do you try to get models to push the sexual envelope on camera or do you determine their comfort level first and not ask them to test it?
I may push a little, but for the most part, we map out what is going to happen. I don't think models like too many surprises, and I don't think you can build trust with them if you push too hard.

Why do you keep a photo journal online that hasn't been updated for 15 months?
It's a slice of my life and removing it would be like trying to erase my past. It was updated for over seven years. I like that it's a snapshot of my life, and might go on long after I do. I don't update it much now, as I think everyone is blogging these days. I just don't like doing what everyone else is doing. It was fun and groundbreaking at the time, but it's not something I feel compelled to do anymore.

I feel like I am putting myself online now in a much more intimate way, and I think sharing my day to day life would be a bit much for me and the audience.

You have an amazing knack for getting in the viewer's head — for reminding us that sex takes place in the mind, not just between the legs. Do you ever get feedback from your models that you've taken them to new places?
There is not a lot of new ground to cover in porn. I think the industry right now is exploring "Big Production Values." While it's nice to have really good cinematography, plot, sets, and special effects, it's all dressing to me, and I think the average viewer is skipping to the cumshots anyway.

So I was looking for something that didn't involve Hollywood production values or plots, but would work on a someone's psychology. That's what I hear most about my porn. It's amateur mixed with the psychological. I think any straight guy working in these videos will have some sort of awakening, even if it's just, "That wasn't that bad." But I don't think they are having the same psychological event that the viewer has.

What can your members expect to see online in the future? Any new directions planned?
I have resolved to do more Serviced and Edge videos. Volume 2 of the Edge series should come out winter or fall of 2008. I'm still working on brothers Adam and Race to do a scene together. I have a Glory Hole series called G:hOle and I am hoping to expand on it. I have a few other nutty ideas I want to put into play — taking "tried and true" themes and expanding on them with a psychological edge.

interview conducted October, 2007

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June 14, 2008 - 20:12:07Bryan Ockert's ChaosMen is an excellent website. it is all done in fine taste without the feeling of being in a sleezy website.

if i could ask Brain some questions/comments they would be why he...
June 14, 2008 - 20:15:22uses mainly straight models?

why he limits the number of "clips" in the Edge series? his participation in those clips add a great deal to the videos.
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