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Chad Hunt has left the room
Dec 28, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Chad Hunt
Falcon Studios

In his eight-year porn career, Chad Hunt achieved something that few of his peers can claim: complete industry penetration. Although most people know him as the guy with one of the biggest cocks in porn, he has also worked as a director (Auditions 9 for Lucas Entertainment), screen writer (Encounters 4 for Lucas Entertainment) and cameraman (Forever Young for All Worlds Video). And his famous appendage stretches across the entire cover of the new oversized Taschen coffee table book, The Big Penis Book.

Now Chad Hunt has decided to leave the world of XXX for the world of education, and he's doing it with a bang. A gang bang. And he's the receiver this time. Jett Blakk has written and directed a film titled Endgame, in which Hunt gets shagged by Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler and Phenix Saint. The film is available now, online only, at; it goes into general release in February 2009. Jett Blakk tells me that not only is this Hunt's bottoming debut and his farewell porn performance, it features the second bottoming of Tyler Saint the first appearance in a studio film of Cock Boy Phenix Saint.

Over the holidays Chad was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me.

Your porn career began in 2000 with Michael Lucas' original Fire Island Cruising. Did he discover you or did you discover him? How did that liaison come about?

I had just finished doing a photo shoot for Inches magazine with ChuckPixx photography in NYC, and the photographer said he knew a porn director who would be very interested in meeting a guy like me. He gave me Michael's number and I called the next day.

Michael hired me on the spot for his next video, which was Fire Island Cruising. I was very shocked actually, because before this I had been turned down by several other studios that I would eventually work for. My career sometimes goes full circle because I just recently became the cover model for Taschen's new The Big Penis Book.

In what sense are you retiring from porn? Will you continue to be involved with adult entertainment off-camera?

I'm retiring in the sense that I don't want porn to be the focus of my life any more. I'm still open to doing projects that appeal to me, but they have to be what I consider worthwhile now. This project with Jett and Dirty Bird was a great project. I actually got to show my acting ability in it and am proud to say a review I read says how well I do in that area.

The only other project that I got to do any acting in was Oral Exams and I won best supporting actor that year. I never understood why I was always just the orgy cock in most of my videos but even so I have won plenty of accolades for what I did on video.

I'm hoping to direct if I can get some company to offer me a position. It's just hard in this business to get people to see you as more than one thing. The movie I directed for Michael Lucas (Auditions 9: Chad Hunt) was nominated for an award and the DVD extra video I did for Chi Chi (Link V: Evolution) won an award. So hopefully studios will begin to see me in a new light and use me for more projects in the near future.

What are your plans for "after porn," if you didn't answer that already in the previous question?

I just finished filling out my application for (teacher) certification in NY and hope to be teaching real soon. I'm a social studies teacher.

Why did you choose now to retire?

The internet has really killed most people's ability to maintain a career in porn. You have thousands of websites, bareback companies, free sites, webcam sites, etc. and it just isn't the same as it once was.

You have had a long and stellar career in porn, so obviously there's something at work for you other than your famously huge cock. What?

I think it's my ability to always try and bring something new to the camera. Whether it's changing my look, doing something in videos that I have never done before, or exposing a new piece of my personality, I have always tried to give fans and even my detractors something to talk about.

Was it always your intent to bottom before retiring from film? How did that come about?

I always felt while in porn that it was necessary to keep some part of myself private, especially for the people in my life I was dating or even just having a fling with. You have to make some separation from your real life and porn if you hope to keep any semblance of sanity. In fact, that's my greatest advice to boys in the industry. Maybe if they'd do that, you wouldn't read about porn stars hurting themselves and others because they feel they have lost all control of their lives.

Who topped you?

Three very hot men I hand picked topped me and each was for a different reason, or type I am attracted to. Cort Donovan because let's face it, payback is a bitch and if Chad Hunt is going to get fucked it best be by a damn big dick. Nash Lawler because he is the epitome of a hot muscled str8 man that I can never resist and who I always fall in love with on sets and who also always fall in love with me. Phoenix Saint because if I had a type he'd be it. Thin but toned, tattoos, piercings, skateboarder and a total alternative boy who just happens to have a huge cock. (The fact he was str8 didn't hurt either.)

What did you do to prepare for that scene? Have you bottomed offscreen before?

LOLOLOLOLOL, Yes, I have. I always am the top in my relationships and bottom rarely in them, but when I am single or partying the bottom in me seems to come out more. Not that that is very often either.

Looking back over the past eight years, do you have a favorite scene or scenes? A favorite moment on the set?

I have had so many great moments on sets or in films that it'd be too hard to distinguish one as my ultimate favorite, but I do have three favorite films. Oral Exams because of Matt Summers, Deception because of Brian McClaine, Kept because of Dean Monroe, all three of those because of Chi Chi LaRue. And of course Endgame, because of Jett Blakk's vision and giving me some creative control, and all of the cast members, especially Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler and Phenix Saint.

Of all the guys who ever gave you head on camera, who did the best job? I know there have been a few who "ate the whole thing."

Hands down, my good friend and one time love interest, Matt Summers.

Is there anything you haven't done as a porn star, or anyone you have not worked with/for, that you wished you had?

We could go on for hours talking about boys in the industry I'd have loved to get my hands on, like Mason Wyler, and then continue through the night talking about things I'd like to have done but I prefer to talk about the things I have done and all the boys, directors, photographers, and crews that made all of it happen.

Any advice for the guy who wants to be the next Chad Hunt?

Yes, actually I do. Don't try to be "The Next Chad Hunt." A few have tried and failed. Try to be the best YOU, you can be. There will never be another Chad Hunt, just like there will never be another Jeff Stryker, Joey Stefano, Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker or Matthew Rush. Create your own identity and don't try to live up to the reputation of another performer. I have never compared myself or my career with such superstars as John Holmes, Rick Donovan or Chad Donovan and neither should anyone try to compare themselves or their career with me.

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