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Cameron Marshall's Close-Up
Feb 27, 2009 | By: Ken Furtado
Cameron Marshall
Channel 1 Releasing

At 22 years old, Cameron Marshall is not just another college senior. With two years of experience in front of the camera and eight films to his credit, he can now call himself a bona-fide porn star. The industry has pricked up its ears over his performance in Doug Jeffries' film
Black Meat White Heat and nominated him for a GayVN Best Actor award.

Cameron works exclusively for Chi Chi LaRue's Channel 1 Releasing, the parent company of Rascal Video, Catalina Video, All Worlds Video and the Live & Raw website. His online bio says he is 5-foot-10, weighs 155 pounds, has a 7-inch cut cock, is gay and is versatile. What the website doesn't say is he is also "serious." Despite being young, cute and blond, there's more going on behind those azure blue eyes.

Cameron discovered sex with his girlfriend. He says, "It was a lot of fun dating girls at the time but I’m kinda over it now. Guys are so much more fun."

One of those guys was his former boyfriend, Josh Vaughn, who introduced him to Chi Chi LaRue. That led to Cameron's first movie, Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3. He was excited that Chi Chi wanted to cast him, and that LaRue encouraged him and acknowledged his acting ability. The result was that "I had a blast on that set."

Cameron will graduate from college this summer. He lives and goes to school in Lubbock, Texas, and his major is advertising and graphic design. But even with a degree in hand, he's not eager to leave porn behind yet: "I want to continue after graduation. I like working for Channel 1 so I don't envision working for others."

Asked about his favorite experience on camera, Cameron didn't hesitate. He cited his scene with Ryan Alexander on the Live & Raw website. That scene is now available on the DVD Cameron Marshall in Your Face.

Cameron was teamed with Ryan again, less directly, in his most recent film, Shifting Gears. It's a bisexual opus in which Cameron plays the head mechanic at an auto shop. He loses face when a girl (Krystal Kali) looking for a job is able to fix a transmission that he couldn't. They eventually bury the hatchet, — and Cameron buries his sausage in Krystal. The movie ends with a 6-man, 3-woman orgy.

Although Cameron considers himself gay, he admits to having a jones for actress Blake Lively (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). But an older guy with muscles will always make him look twice, especially if the guy has "awesome biceps."

Cameron will take a break from school to attend the GayVN Awards in San Francisco at the end of March. You'll find him onstage as a presenter — and maybe as a "Best Actor."

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