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Brent Corrigan: From Man To Merman
Oct 25, 2008 | By: Admin
Brent Corrigan

It is hard to believe, but it has been two years since our last interview.  What has been happening in your life since we last spoke? Oh wow, what hasn’t. Let’s see…I’ve developed and redeveloped two adult companies and websites since then. My third business partner cut me out of the first venture I developed.  It wasn’t until during the murder investigation of Cobra Video owner that Grant (the good partner) and I learned of his double-dealings with that man.  Grant and I have spent much of this last year navigating that case and working closely with the authorities.  If we hadn’t managed to stick through it together, I don’t know where I would be now.  I was asked to voluntarily take part in a sting operation and I’ve been back and forth to Pennsylvania a few times already.  The trial is set for January.
When the haze of losing my first company to a thief, and finding myself cooperating in a murder investigation finally cleared a little, I was looking at a role in “Another Gay Sequel” as Stan the Merman.  Then, I play almost the polar opposite of the sweet-natured fish boy in Jody Wheeler’s “In the Closet”.  It is a short film about a body-inhabiting creature from the closet world.  That premiered at Outfest this year (and continues to play a rigorous film festival circuit) next to “Another Gay Sequel.  I managed to slide in a small speaking role in Gus Van Sant’s “MILK”, the long overdue and highly anticipated film about the first openly gay politician in 1978 San Francisco.  Sean Penn plays Milk alongside Emile Hirsche and the film is due out this fall.
Most importantly, I’m developing a healthy catalogue of productions.  Only four months after launching, Dink Flamingo of Active Duty and Dirty Bird Pictures approached Grant and me.  Ever since, we’ve been jointly producing projects with me at the helm as director (and I model of course).  We did “Brent Corrigan’s Summit” together and “Just The Sex”.  I’m featured in his “Porne Ultimatum” and we’re getting ready to shoot “The Porne Identity”.  Last month I wrote and directed a project for Dink, starring Devon Moss who won the award for Best Cock at The Grabby’s.

How do you look at the porn industry now differently than you did when you first started? 
I certainly have a better grasp of the challenges involved in producing.  I seem to have figured out a robust equation for success.  The trouble I’m finding isn’t figuring out what to do, but how to execute it.  There was a point when I wanted to be in the middle of everything.  I wanted to be embraced and I didn’t want to feel like this unfavorable, unpopular reject.  It took some hard blows to realize that I really don’t want to be anything like anyone else.  Because of that, I will likely never get any sort of respect or admiration from the veterans who seem to have a choke hold on the adult world.  They can have it; I’m too busy building my own genre.

How were you cast for your role in Another Gay Sequel? 
I was actually approached to do the film!  In “Another Gay Movie”, Todd Stephens used other noticeable industry stars to mix it up.  I got the role very early in pre-production.  They called me up to Los Angeles for an audition and then called me back just a few short hours later and asked me to come right back in for a second.  After the second read, I was so sure I had botched my chances beyond reprieve, but the next day I was asked to come be a part of it as Stan the Merman!  I know they auditioned quite a few other industry boys for the movie.  So for me to get in, made me feel like finally things were turning around a little for me. 

What is your most memorable moment on the set of Another Gay Sequel? 
My most memorable moment was when I was sitting at this little breakfast table out in the courtyard of the Shubert Resort (where we filmed and stayed).  I was there with Derek Curl the producer, Grant (my partner) and Bryan and Will (they have become good friends of ours, but originally they had won an auction to come meet me and RuPaul on the set while filming).  I broke down in tears and full-on facial contortions as I realized that there were truly good people, wanting to do good things for others who are struggling to persevere.  Bryan and Will sponsored my company for product placement in the film and put up a sizeable amount of money to get into some of the scenes.
In this movie you played Stan the Merman.

How did you prepare for this role? Can you relate your personal life to that of your character? 
Todd Stephens, the director, wanted ‘weird’ for this role.  It was very tough for me when we finally got on set because I was working with the water element and my legs were encased in foam (the fins).  We shot both of my scenes in one day and everything felt a bit rushed.  Looking at the finished product, I came off more sweet with a subtle hint of strange.  I mean, I don’t really talk like that!  What I loved most about the character were my lines.  Being known for my adult work and sexual talents, I thought it was hilarious to get to say things like, “I’d love to fuck you Nico but I don’t have a cock or a butthole”. 

Rumor has it that you had an off screen "romance" with another cast member.  Would you like to tell us the juicy details? 
Puppy love is really more like it.  Everyone in the cast was so welcoming of me.  For the first time ever I felt confident and intriguing because Will Wikle, Aaron Michael Davies, Jimmy Clabots and Jonah Blechman were all so interested in hearing about what it’s like being on this side of the entertainment industry.  I didn’t want to mess up all that!  I left Fort Lauderdale feeling emotionally charged because my experiences with this cast and crew were so invigorating.  Honestly, I was very attracted to each one of those boys.  Grant taught me that just because I’m a porn star don’t mean I have to play the part all the time.  Will Wikle and I had an innocent, mutual affection to each other but it never moved past that. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Brent Corrigan? 
I don’t escape any of the usual misconceptions one might endure working in the adult genre.  The truth is, I’m a very normal person.  I was a late bloomer so I had to develop social skills outside of the physical.  I can be a lot of fun when the time is right, but I’m focused and hard working.  It doesn’t help that I have impossible standards in my work.  I’ve developed two recognizable websites and slowly I’m working to get a recognizable studio name out there: Prodigy Pictures. I pick up mainstream roles where I can. There just isn’t much time to fool around.  I have to mix a lot of my social time in with my models when I shoot.  At the end of the day, I’m happiest playing with my horse all afternoon.  I get a lot of people that target me and tear me down because for some reason, they got the idea that I was something like ‘perfect’.  Just like everyone else out there, I get up each morning and put my pants on one leg at a time, and sometimes I trip and fall on my face in the process.

What projects are you currently working on? 
There are never enough days in a month.  Currently, I’m casting for a project we’re filming on location in a beautiful mansion in the garden district of New Orleans for Halloween (I turn 22 on Halloween).  I’m always looking for hot boys that want to work alongside me.  We’re also in pre-production for a big comedy spoof of a late well-known zoologist. My model and friend Jacob Powell wrote the piece and will be playing the main character.  I will direct that as well.  Grant and I have been actively putting the polishing touches on our second member’s website.  I’m most excited about the productions because I finally feel like I’m able to fulfill my itch to direct and produce real, cohesive projects.  Look for me in Gus Van Sant’s “MILK” in theatres this fall (a major motion picture).  By then, I’ll be filming another mainstream film called "Judas Kiss".  Of course, I’m always working on my blog found at

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