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Brant Moore: The Marine Who Became a Twink
Feb 14, 2009 | By: Ken Furtado
Brant Moore
Eon Films

I had never heard of Brant Moore when, late in 2006, I got screeners of two different films of his at the same time:
Betwinked and The Dicks of Hazzard. In those two films, I was very impressed by his sexual skills. Brant was marketed as a twink because he looks so much younger than his real age, but twinks are usually not as sexually sophisticated as this guy was onscreen.

Brant appeared in both films with his then boyfriend, Jayden Holloway, which added to the sexual chemistry. Then I saw him in Dads ’n Lads 3, getting completely ravished atop a pool table by Parker Williams and I was head over heels. (Or was it the other way around?)

They were not his first films. Brant was "recruited" for porn by Steve Jerome, who spotted him in a bar in San Diego while Brant was still in the Marines. Director Mike Donner (The Porne Ultimatum) came up with his porn name. That led to some amateur film work for Dink Flamingo.

Moore served five years of active duty, which included two tours in Iraq. He enlisted right after graduating from high school, somewhere in Oklahoma. Upon leaving the service in 2005, he grew his hair long, which is how he looked in the three films I mentioned above.

Since then, Moore has worked for Lucas Entertainment, Studio 2000, Dirty Bird Pictures, Jet Set, HIS Video, Odyssey Men and other studios. He also did a stint online with

Now 27, Brant stands a lanky 6-foot-3. Onscreen he is versatile, and one of the best demonstrations of that is his scene with long-time buddy Jason Crew in Michael Lucas' Flatiron Fuckers. It's a sensational fuck that includes pissing, armpit rimming, enemas, a tandem ride on a two-headed dildo and Moore simultaneously sucking and rimming Crew while Crew fucks himself.

Moore says his costars are usually satisfied with his performances because his cock is "pretty, and it almost always hits that spot for the other."

When he's not topping, he likes "having my ass eaten and deep throatin' a dick. If I’m doing the fucking I like to watch the ass, so I fuck doggie. But if I'm getting it I like to be on my back and watch them do the work. I think that’s hot, especially if there’s a mirror where I can watch their dick going in and out of my ass. But if I want a hard pounding I'm gonna be face down ass up!"

He says that "great kissing, beautiful eyes, tight ass, a nice body and loud" are keys to getting him into bed, but he has a boyfriend right now, so unless you're Colin Farrell, Zack Efron or John Stamos, your chances aren't too good.

Brant lost his virginity at age 15 with his first love, Nikki (a girl). He adds, "My ass virginity went to my first boyfriend Chris, a firefighter in the SoCal area. I sat on his cock and ended up running off screaming ... then, so did he."

Brant is taking a hiatus from filming right now, claiming, "there's not a lot of time to keep up with it." He's helping to promote Mike Donner's book, How to Be a Gay Porn Star, which he's on the cover of, and holding down jobs as a waiter and doing promotions for Blackberry and Tommy Bahama. He also says, "I love music and dancing. I’m always singing and pretty good at it, been doing it all my life. My best friend ‘mrs. Ursula’ tries to get me to go on American Idol. LOL."

Brant's future plans include attending college on the GI Bill. As for the sexual future, he offers that, "what would be great would be the freedom of having sex without AIDS, HIV and STDs. That would be perfect."

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