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Visconti x3
Jun 16, 2008 | By: Admin
Visconti Triplets

Sometimes you have to do a double take when you see something awesome. In this case, a triple take is in order. Let’s all give a nice warm welcome to the hottest thing to hit gay porn since gay porn itself….The Visconti Triplets. These buff 22-year-old, 6’1” identical triplets fresh out of Budapest, Hungary give a whole new meaning to brotherly love.

Although you may have a difficult time telling them apart, once you get to know them, you can most likely find one for each of your personalities. These three hotties may look alike and fuck alike; but in reality, they are all very different people. To the naked eye, their best attribute may seem a bit obvious, but what the boys consider them to be, go much deeper than that of their physicality. For Jason, it’s his outgoing personality, not to mention his sexual prowess.  According to Jason, “I love to fuck, so being in porn is a perfect job,” he proclaims.  He also admits, “I’m good with my hands”.  That goes well beyond what you have in mind, as he loves working on his bike and learning to be a mechanic. As for Jimmy, he told us, “I’m very relaxed and let things come as they may”. Never getting too emotional, he likes to keep things on an even keel.  Then there is Joey.  And as he tells us, well, he simply tries “to be open minded about everything”. That is why new experiences, such as porn, seem to fit into his life so well.
When not having sex, the brothers also have a myriad of preferences on how they spend their spare time, including where they love to be. While you’re likely to find Jason blasting down the road on his Ducati, putting as much distance between him and home as possible, you’ll probably find Joey either taking a dance class (he’s extremely flexible), or at home spending time with his family, snuggled up on the couch with a good book. According to Jimmy however, “give me mountains and a snowboard, and you may not hear from me for days.”
When it comes to what gets the brothers excited (with the exception of a hot guy) they all seem to agree that being on camera rates pretty high. Jason admits, “I like the camera and how I can show the world what a great fuck I am. It’s great to put on a show.” The downside to that, he doesn’t like the fact “guys I’m with can’t keep up with me sometimes.” Jimmy, on the other hand, really enjoys the freedom he finds working in the porn industry. “My friends all have to work and when they want to do something, they have to work around a routine schedule”. As far as Joey goes, he’s perfectly happy as long as he’s “with a guy who takes care of himself”.

Even with their newly found success, these three are still very focused on the future.  All three seem to have a good handle on how they determine long-term success. As Jason puts it, “I would like to live in Italy. I like money, but I like to have fun even more. So success to me means being able to do what I want, with whom I want, when I want. I’d really like to just ride across Europe, from Portugal to Russia, then through to China.  That’s my ultimate goal.” Jimmy too places emphasis on time more than money when it comes to his view of success. Having “time for me to do what I want, that’s what is really important.  But, I would like to have enough money to open my own snowboard shop in California.”, he admits.  Joey, who is not quite as talkative as his brothers, still maintains a well-grounded sense of what success is. “Finding that special someone, who understands me as much as I understand them. I’d like to find someone I can really get into. Just that one person for me.” he states.  Joey also adds, “I’d just love to stay at home.  If I had someone special, I’d have no reason to go anywhere else.”

As far as how they view their purpose in life, their views remain fairly consistent with each other. As Jason so eloquently replies, “Your life is yours to live and you have to give it purpose.” Jimmy adamantly agreed by stating, “You just have to find your own way in life.”, and Joey chimed in by adding, “You have to be yourself, being at the whim of some other being should never define your purpose.”

Stepping away from the realities of success, we ask the triplets what their greatest fantasies were.  There again, we received three answers as different as the brothers themselves. While Jason just wants to “fuck other beautiful people”, Jimmy imagines a world where people are all chill and they “do whatever, whenever, with no strings, no obligation, just hanging out and having fun if it moves you with no pressure.” Joey, sticking to his romantic style, describes his greatest fantasy as “finding the love of my life and spending the rest of our lives together”. 

Of course, it’s not all fun and games for the triplets.  Just as we all do, they too have challenges in life.  With Jason, it’s school, the fear of heights and the open water. For Jimmy, having to learn “new things” and his “fear of bugs” keep him in check, and for Joey, “being away from home or in large crowds are what presents him with his greatest challenges.  Along with the reality of phobias, the triplets, like everyone else, have had their moments of embarrassment as well.  Jason recalls a time when he was checking out a hot guy while riding his bike…nevermind the curb.  He quickly recovered from the minor scrapes and bruises but it was his ego, which took quite a beating.  When we asked Jimmy about his most embarrassing moment, he told us his friends took more than one poke at him as he was learning to snowboard, as he spent more time on his ass then actually standing.  And last, but not least, once in a dance performance, Joey’s pants split wide open during the middle of the routine.  But, just as he does in video, he just kept on going.  We’re certain his audience didn’t mind.

Finally, we asked the boys, “If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?”  As you may expect, the answers varied a great deal more than the consistency of their good looks.  Jason told us, “sex” best describes him. Jimmy said “fun”, and Joey, with a bit of shy hesitation said, “introverted”.  If you ever met the boys in person, I’m sure you’d agree with them. 

So, as you can see, these boys may look alike, sound alike, and fuck alike, but behind the physical make-up, they are all truly a delight, in their own way. It’s true what they say, bad things happen in threes, and here we have three of the baddest things to happen in decades…and we do mean bad to the bone.  So, make sure you check this trio out.  You won’t be sorry!

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July 01, 2008 - 15:39:41I love these three so sexy looking love so see all three cum at the same time.
July 23, 2008 - 05:45:12te amo chicos Visconti
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