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Quickies with Brandon and Angel January 2009
Dec 29, 2008 | By: Brandon Baker and Angel Benton
Brandon Baker and Angel Benton


ANGEL: OK. This time I am going to go first. Our first topic is diversity in gay porn. Although many will say that we still have a long way to go, there has been definite improvement over the years in regards to seeing gay porn models with different backgrounds.

BRANDON: ...for sure, I know I’ve seen hearing impaired models like Zack Randall grace the covers of adult magazines like Freshmen very recently. I know that traditionally "diversity" means the color of the skin, but with a misprint from the printer, we all can be diverse.

ANGEL: What the hell is that supposed to mean? I'm talking about diversity and you are telling me about Kinko's copies. You do bring up a good point though about "diversity" meaning different things. Another sensation in porn right now is Buck Angel, or the "man with the pussy." You really don't get much more diverse than that!

BRANDON: I remember Buck Angel from New Orleans. I think we are both from there. I get so wrapped up in what I like and what gets me off when I watch a porn flick or go online, that I tend to overlook something that might interest me in lieu of what I am used to. I spent a few years in a corporate environment, and they didn't mess around with diversity. We had special training and programs designed to make us appreciate it. Granted it was not in porn, but it carries over.

ANGEL: Recently Men Magazine announced its Man of the Year, and the honor went to Reese Rideout of Last year's winner was Johnny Castle, and the year before it went to Zeb Atlas. All three of them identify as straight, and this has really pissed off a lot of readers who want to see this title bestowed upon an openly gay man.

BRANDON: ...that's part of diversity too though huh? It means that what turns one person on, or off even, might not do the same for the next person. Some guys really like straight guys in gay situations. I am glad we have such a wide taste range to cater to. It sure leaves more opportunity out there in this great big world.

ANGEL: Well, that's where people might disagree. Although the readers technically selected the Man of the Year, many are saying that there were mostly straight guys to choose from. They weren't given enough gay options, and certainly not enough ethnically diverse options.

BRANDON: If it's an ethnically broad selection you are after, may I suggest checking out I have a little more to say about that site since it's whom I spend most of my time with each day.  Asian, African-American, Caucasian, Indian, and Latin… the list goes on and on with literally hundreds in each country of the world. Selection is only part of the charm on our site and many other sites we see each day. FlavaMen caters to what some call the “thug” market, caters to, well, don't think too hard about who might be on that site, and any quick search will return many results you just couldn't find years ago.

ANGEL: Closing with a little bit of celebrity gossip, recently Angelina Jolie gave an interview where she talked about how she can't wait until her children are old enough to see the movie “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” because it is the film where “their parents fell in love.” There is only one problem with that: Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston at that time and they had previously denied that anything happened during the filming of that. I am usually on team Jolie, but I thought what she said was extremely insensitive, unnecessary, and in poor taste.

BRANDON: Damn, that sucks. I am usually the queen of insensitive and dumb, so I am glad other people deal with that to. I love gossip. I can't help it. The juicier the better, you always seem to be right on that main “nerve” of what's happening in Hollywood. We have our own small Hollywood in the porn industry, and keeping tabs on things like that isn't easy, but someone's got to do it.

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