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Living on the set with porn stars, part 2
Oct 03, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Antton Harri
Kent Taylor, Raging Stallion Studios

Anticipating the two weeks I would spend living with more than a dozen porn stars on the set of Raging Stallion's western blockbuster
To the Last Man, I was particularly curious about two things. What would they call each other and how would each man's personality match (or differ from) his onscreen persona?

Real names or porn names? The answer turned out to be: both. Models who were well acquainted off the set were more likely to use real names when talking to each other but porn names when referring to each other. Ricky Sinz was universally "Ricky" — no one ever mentioned his real name. Antton Harri's real name, an ethnic Basque name, created a conversation because it was so unusual and difficult to pronounce. So he was simply Antton, because it was easier all-around.

When Logan McCree arrived he introduced himself to those he didn't already know by his real name, but no one ever called him, or referred to him, as anything other than Logan. Although he was one of the last to arrive, there wasn't any unpaid-for public nudity until he decided that nude sunbathing was in order. Once Logan parked his cock under the Arizona sun, others followed suit. The ranch never looked so good.

Logan lives in a cabin in a remote rural area near Dresden, Germany so he felt quite comfortable at the ranch. In person, he was nothing like what I had imagined from watching his films. He was very down-to-earth and practically a chatterbox, with an excellent command of English. He talked about tattooing his own cock, having his canine teeth orthodontically extended, and filing his incisors to achieve more of a "Wolverine" look. He loved being able to ad-lib his "B-Roll" (i.e., non-sex) scenes with lots of physicality, such as vaulting into a ravine after slashing RJ Danvers' throat. He even brought his own cowboy hat to wear for his scenes.

Onscreen and off, Logan prefers the intimacy of two-way sex and he was very excited about his new relationship with boyfriend Vinnie D'Angelo, whom he was planning to visit after the Raging Stallion shoot ended.

Antonio Biaggi is equally unlike the aura he projects onscreen. You'd expect a guy who is so anatomically huge to be a big guy, but he's not. Slim, and well under 6 feet, Antonio gets peeved by emails that Raging Stallion gets, criticizing him for pretending to be gay when he's really straight. Couldn't be further from the truth.

Antonio became the butt of a few jokes because of his fear of birds (but not the ranch's bats). In the large open carport that served as the production's rec room and dining room, there was a pair of nesting barn swallows flying in and out round the clock, feeding their hungry brood of four. Antonio ducked every time mom or pop barn swallow swooped through, and when the youngsters began to fly, Antonio skedaddled.

The week prior to this year's Folsom Street Fair, Biaggi opened his own business in San Francisco. Called Eco Boutique, it is a 100% "green" home and gift store. Every product is recycled, repurposed, organic or made with sustainable materials. In addition, there are many one-of-a-kind artisan pieces. The store is located in the Castro District, at 4035 18th St. The website is I asked Antonio how running a business would impact his porn career and he assured me that with a year left as a Raging Stallion exclusive, he would still find time for filming.

Interestingly, Scott Campbell has sex with both Logan and Antonio in To the Last Man, and he kills each of them.

Eloquent and erudite, Antton Harri was the most cosmopolitan of the porn stars, equally comfortable showing off his stellar glutes or discussing porn, politics or astronomy. He is multi-lingual, his name Basque language being one of the several languages he speaks. Antton now resides in Fort Lauderdale. His scene with Damien Crosse in the blacksmith shop was the first sex scene to be shot, and as punishment for sleeping with the enemy, Antton gets branded by head bad guy Ricky Sinz. Antton also has a nighttime sex scene with Jake Deckard in the Indian ruins, and one of his first nights on the set was spent rehearsing dialog with Jake, Ricky and directors/ screenwriters Chris Ward and Tony Dimarco.

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