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James Nichols
Feb 23, 2009 | By: Admin
James Nichols


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Stats: 5'8"/42"/30"/Straight/8"

How old are you? 23

Where are you from?
Well I have lived in London for years, though I was born in South Africa.

How big is your dick?
8 inches

How long have you been in the adult industry?
Four years

How did you get your start?
I answered an ad for "male models wanted" and a few days later agreed to meet Nick, the photographer. At this stage I didn't realize about adult modeling and my girlfriend was with me at the initial meet. He explained what was involved and showed us a typical shoot from his website. The second we got outside my girlfriend told me I was not to do anything like that, ever! Well, unfortunately the idea turned me on, so when we broke up some six months later I was straight on the phone... and look what happened!

What has been your most memorable sexual experience?
It must be when I discovered I liked things up my ass! I was so shocked. After all I am str8, but I was willing to try certain things for Nick's website and was happy to experiment a little. The first shoot I think it was a small toy up my ass and after just a few seconds I had to stop pushing it as I was about to cum! I find it hugely arousing to have toys up my ass!

What is your biggest fantasy?
Having sex with my current girlfriend and fucking her from behind and having her twin fuck with me with a strap on from behind!

What is the best thing about being uncut?
You don’t need lube or spit to have a wank!

Are there any drawbacks to being uncut?
Yeah all the cut lads want to look at it and touch as if its something "weird", lol.

What is one thing about you that most of your fans may be surprised to know?
I love having toys up my ass and quite big ones, just check out the big black dildo I had up there a few shoots ago and look at how much I cum, but that doesn't mean I am desperate to have a cock up there! I love having my cock sucked by Kev, but I dont get the urge to suck his! I just love being pleasured if someone is good at head!

Who has been your favorite model to work with? It has to be Kev Adamson, he is also the second cameraman at englishlads and does some shoots with models.  He is by far the most sensitive and has me writhing round the bed! Just check out the latest video and you will see what I mean!

What model would you like to work with?
Well I guess it should be Scott Stone as he keeps knocking me off the "members favorite lad" so might be a good idea to get with him for a shoot and we can share top spot!

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