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JUB Profile: CollegeDudes247
Aug 25, 2008 | By: Admin
Jub Profile:

When one thinks of college, it is hard not to think of the virile and sexually charged exuberance found in the young men on campuses across the country.  After all, these young men are out on their own for the first time in their lives and they are exploring all that life has to offer - both in their studies and their extracurricular activities.  Lucky for everyone who likes to see these ‘Dudes’ more intimately, launched January 1, 2007. The website celebrates the sexually charged energy of these men as they explore their desires and passions.  In a market flooded with websites focused on the college aged male, CollegeDudes247 has quickly become one of the top producers of this genre today.  

We sat down with Aaron Sherman and Abner Castro, two of the original three founders of the website (Matt Vieques is the 3rd) to discuss the site.  “All of us had been working our corporate jobs for many years and had discussed launching a site for about 10 years before we actually did it.  At first, we all thought it would be a part time weekend thing.  We did not realize the amount of work it would really take” indicated Sherman.  “We quickly discovered that it was easier for us to recruit college aged dudes as models, and that is how we decided on the collegiate theme.”  

Currently, CollegeDudes247 is only available on the internet, but there are plans in the works to release content on DVD later this year.  “We started out to be internet only because all of us had grown up with the web and really liked watching porn on the web.  Two of us had worked on multi-million dollar website development projects previously, so for us it was a natural to be web based.  Of course, none of us had experience with getting guys naked in front of cameras at first, so that was a learning curve to overcome - but a fun one!”   

At just under two years old, CollegeDudes247 has grown tremendously.  When asked what they attribute their success to, Sherman indicated “It surprises us all how quickly we grew and I do not think we expected it.  We wanted to provide something that was a little different and fresh.  We saw a need in the consumer marketplace for a site that promotes a positive attitude about sexuality.  A lot of our competitors that feature the same age group focus on the ‘Let’s get a straight guy to have sex with another guy’ thing. Although we have straight, gay and bi guys on our site, we do not make an issue out of it and rather we promote it as dudes just having fun.  For us it is about portraying young dudes doing what feels good and just celebrating sexuality without all the labels.”  

CollegeDudes247 currently offers content updates twice a week with plans to increase that in the future. That means they are heavily focused on production and providing their members with new scenes on a consistent basis.  “One of the nice things about being a web based business is that we can run a model by our members and if they really like that model, we can get the model back very soon and get the scene up on the site quickly.  Out of all the other producers I have talked to, I believe we have the shortest window of shoot date to release date.”  

In a market inundated with content, it is often hard for a website to meet their consumer demands and keep them coming back for more.  However, at CollegeDudes247 their focus is listening to their members’ needs and wants.  In fact, members of the site can even post their comments about the models and scenes directly on the site.  In addition, the models have the ability to respond directly to their fans through the web as well.  “Our customer feedback is very important to us and is a big difference between us and our competition.  I even have my AIM information on the site and members and non-members can IM me whenever I am online and speak directly with me and provide feedback, ask questions or whatever they want to talk about.  Many of our models also have their own blogs on the site and send in updates every week of what is going on in their lives.  Overall it is that interactivity that I think has set us apart in the industry and we really like getting the feedback from our members.”

We asked who the top five models on the site are based on the membership feedback. “In no particular order, the fist would be Jake.  He was an early favorite for our members and he came onto the site about one month after we launched and is an amazing performer.  Brad came shortly after that and he was excellent.  Aaron James, who is one of our exclusives, has been extremely popular and continues to give great performances.  Ty Carver and Shane Erickson also receive a lot of very positive feedback from our members.  We have so many guys that are our favorites, but in terms of consistency from viewer feedback I have to say those five are the top right now.”

We, along with Sherman and Castro, were surprised to learn who the typical consumer of the collegiate themed gay porn site is.  “We did a demographic sampling of our members and I always thought that the typical member would fall into the age bracket of 40 to 50.  However, we have a substantial number of members who are in college and they want to watch their own peer group.  The other group that is significant is the 25 – 35 age brackets who are recently out of college and for them it is a way to look back fondly on their college memories.  So, we have a very nice cross section of age demographics joining our site.”

Initially when the site launched DRM technology was used to protect their content.  However, based on consumer demand they decided to drop that technology last year and members can now download content without the need of password protection.  After dropping the DRM technology Sherman indicated “we did not see a decrease in demand for our content and we did not see any increase in pirating either, which was good because it made our members happy that they could now download and keep their videos for as long as they want.  We also offer streaming and we are always upgrading our technology for better quality and faster streams to our consumer.  We are also shooting in High Definition now and offering downloads in QuickTime and the iPod.” offers several membership options including recurring, non-recurring and annual.  All of which give full access to the entire site.  So, are hot, young college aged men your thing?  If so, CollegeDudes247 is a must!  There is a large selection of videos consisting of both solo and hardcore.  Additionally, this is one of the only sites that offer you the ability to interact with the models.  So after you have logged on and got off, so to speak, you can shoot your favorite model a message to his blog or post a comment on his video.  This site exceeds expectations of quality and customer satisfaction in every way. 


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