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In Like Flynn — Dean
May 31, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Dean Flynn
Titan Media

TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn got his start in the porn industry in 2006, in Titan's Spy Quest 3, as the "replacement" for Spencer Quest. What was originally supposed to be a fun fulfillment of a long-time wish — to make a porn film — unexpectedly turned into a new career. Dean was an instant hit. Tall, handsome and endowed, he was convex in all the right places and concave in all the right places. And that hair! While not quite a hobbit, Dean had plenty of body hair from tip to toe, and it suited him, and his employers just fine. For fans of body hair, Dean probably has the best pattern and distribution since Logan Reed.

Dean got plenty of acclaim for his work in this year's various porn awards, but at the GayVNs and Grabbys he was destined to remain a nominee. XX-Factor's Onan the Vulgarian, however, cited Flynn for two Hard Choice Awards this year, for "Best Sex for 3 or More" (with Francois Sagat, Brody Newport, Diesel Washington and C.J. Madison in Titan's Fear) and for "Best Chest."

Dean's personal website is and he also has a MySpace page at

Please tell me your age, height, weight.
27 years old, 6'2", 205 lbs.

What do you like to cook and to read?
I love Italian, and always enjoy experimenting with different sauces. Nothing like a homemade meat sauce! I enjoy reading books that give insight into the human character. My recent favorite is The Average American Male by Chad Kultgen.

How did you come to be a Titan model and what did you do before that?
Since I was about 20, I had wanted to be a porn model. I was always fond of TitanMen and had submitted my photos and application to them a few times. Unfortunately, the photos were terrible images from a cell phone! Naturally, while they liked my application and interests, my images weren't the most reliable quality. Finally, at 25, I tried again. I had worked on my physique a lot more and thought the time was ideal. Prior to my first film, I was a porn star in training of course!

Did you expect to become such a porn sensation when you were making Spy Quest 3?
All I wanted to do was make porn and have fun doing it. Anything that came from that would be a bonus. While making Spy Quest 3, I thought I'd make a few more during the year and then that would be about it. I was flattered when TitanMen re-signed me for an additional two years.

Are you a full-time adult performer now (i.e. films, escorting, personal appearances, dance & club circuit and so forth)?
Adult films are just my hobby, and I do not escort. I have done several charities in and around New York City and done a few appearances along the East Coast and in Canada. Aside from that, I keep busy at the gym, reading, and enjoying the company of friends.

The name Dean Flynn is so down-to-earth. How did you avoid having a hokey porn name like so many models do?
Joe Gage made sure of this! I'm glad you think it's down-to-earth, because that's how I look at myself. Those that get to know me usually find that I am much more reserved and mellow than suspected.

I think you are in 10 TitanMen films that have been released and you are on the cover of nine of them. That's pretty impressive. How’d you wrangle that?
I guess they like me! I actually didn't have anything to do with it. I know some guys that do films under the stipulation that their images appear on the cover, but I look at it as an honor from the company.

Do you have a particular workout and diet regimen to look so good below the neck (not that you don’t look pretty damned good above the neck)?
I consume lots of calories and protein. I work out often, and train appropriately. I am natural and enjoy being physically fit the way I am.

Have you ever been encouraged to shave or wax your torso?
I developed hair at an early age. At 18, I had hair all over my torso. Not many 18-year-olds like it, and neither did I. I went a few years shaving and Nairing the hair off. I even waxed it once! That was the worst pain in the world! I would much rather get double-fucked than get my torso waxed again! Finally, around the age of 22, I began to keep my hair and just trim it appropriately, which is the case today. It took me a while to get used to it and appreciate it. I think the compliments from others contributed to my appreciation of my body hair. I thank them!

What did you look like 10 years ago? Did you have a tortured adolescence?
If I only could show you a picture! I was probably the color of a piece of paper, my hair was light blond, and my glasses were probably bigger than my face. If I turned sideways, I'd probably have disappeared! Luckily, my dad gave me a kick in the ass and put me in the gym when I began high school.

Where are you from? Do you get recognized in public a lot as Dean Flynn? (I assume since you live in SF that you do.) Is that good or not good?
I bounce back and forth between SF and NYC. I get recognized a bit and usually hear whispers rather than get approached. Whenever I do, I'm flattered. I don't really think about people recognizing me as a porn model; I hope they look because they find me attractive!

Are you a relationship kind of guy? How does being in the porn industry impact actual or potential relationships for you?
Just when I think I may not be a relationship guy, I find myself in one! I do have a boyfriend and he is wonderful. We're going strong and he supports me in what I do.

Tell me something that distinguishes you the person from Dean Flynn the porn star.
Hmmm, there isn't much of a difference. I suppose Dean Flynn allows me to explore several aspects of my sexuality, though I explore in my private life as well. I guess Dean gets filmed more.

Do you have long-term plans for a career in adult entertainment or is porn something that's fun for now but something you plan to move away from after your TitanMen contract expires?
I will probably continue my career for a while. As long as it remains fun and I am not filming dozens of videos a year, I will be content with a few quality scenes rather than many.

interview conducted in May 2008

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