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I Want My USB
Feb 17, 2009 | By: Ken Furtado
Flash N Go Kiosk

Hepburn and Tracy, Port and Stilton, Batman and Robin, bees and honey, salt and pepper, milk and cookies, bricks and mortar, fish and chips. If you're going to talk about famous pairs, you've gotta add porn and technology.

It's a happy symbiosis. Consider such technologies as TGP sites, RSS, blogging, live online video chat, video on demand and video cell phones. How many of them existed a couple of years ago, and how many of them have powerful connections to porn? Social networking has replaced going out to the bars and phenomenal leaps in computer generated image technology may one day put real live models out of business. All the rage right now is haptics technology and its ability to put virtual sex in our laps. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall? that time is here.

A couple of years ago, most people had never heard of a flash drive, also known as a thumb drive, jump drive or USB drive. Slightly smaller than a Bic, and flat, these portable data storage devices plug into any Mac or PC. Solid state circuitry (no moving parts) offers durability along with speed, and they can pack a whole lot of data into a small space.

I remember spending nearly $1,000 for my first external hard drive, in about 1990, which gave me 20 megabytes of additional storage. Right this minute I can walk into my local Radio Shack store, plunk down a sawbuck ($20) and walk out with an 8 GIGabyte flash drive. How cool is that?

It was inevitable that somebody would have a better idea. A company based in LA, calling itself Flash N Go, is now erecting public kiosks, like phone booths, where you step up, swipe your debit or credit card, plug in your flash drive, and download porn. Then take it home and watch it on any desktop or laptop, or any USB equipped television, cable box or DVD player.

The website states, "We realized the convergence of newer computing technology (USB drives) and digital migration of movies and entertainment from DVDs to Flash. Also, we knew that digital media, movies on the Internet and almost all forms of entertainment are becoming increasingly more popular on many other devices instead of just TVs. Following this trend, as well as the shift in the industry away from the old standard of DVDs to digital, we wanted to create an efficient and easy way to distribute DIGITAL media in addition to DVDs. Thus, Flash N Go was born."

Flash N Go kiosks are currently being installed in adult clubs, bookstores and boutiques in southern California and Nevada. Plans for nationwide dispersion are under way.

There's an online digital store where you can peruse the titles now available. Though I had to look closely to find the "gay" button, it's there, and most major studios are represented.

In addition to providing porn for your USB drive, the Flash N Go kiosks will also burn and dispense a DVD for you. Rent it (in which can it must be returned to a Flash N Go kiosk) or buy it outright. If you own an adult-related business, you can install a kiosk at your workplace. The website,, offers more info and an email address for asking questions.

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