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Aaron James: Exposing His True Life
Feb 28, 2008 | By: Gio
Aaron James

Aaron James (AJ) is about to surpass the proverbial “15 minutes of fame” sought after by many models entering the world of adult entertainment.  At 23 years of age with piercing blue eyes and a toned physique, James is ready to leap into the homes of millions of people in his mainstream TV debut.

James jumped at the chance to be featured in the MTV documentary series TRUE LIFE when he was contacted by show producers this past year.  “They contacted me on their own and wanted to know if I would be interested in being in a TRUE LIFE episode that focuses on life in the adult entertainment industry.”  The segment, entitled “I Work in the Sex Industry,” is expected to air in March 2008, according to the show’s producers.

When asked what he hopes people will take away from his appearance on TRUE LIFE, James stated, “I was happy that I got a chance to shed a positive spin on working in the adult entertainment industry, and I really enjoyed doing it. I will make my ultimate decision as to whether it was a good move or a bad move when the show airs in March.” 

James was followed around by a camera crew for a period of three months.  “The camera would follow me around every day for up to two weeks at a time before I would get a couple days break and then the cameras would start rolling again.  They pretty much captured everything that was going on with me over a three month period of time.”

And, what a busy period of time that was for AJ.  Just prior to the MTV deal, he inked an exclusive one year deal with the popular internet site to appear as an exclusive model on the site.  “I love the guys over at College Dudes.  They are really nice people, very respectful and a great company to work for.”

His contract with College Dudes 247 allowed him to pursue work with studios that produce DVD movies which led to AJ getting cast in ON FIRE for Jet Set Men.  Jan Milstead, of Jet Set Men said, “He’s a class act who performs like a champ. He also symbolizes the porn industry’s continued crossover appeal to a younger generation.”  Shortly after filming wrapped, he was offered an exclusive contract with Jet Set Men making him one of the industries first dual exclusives. 

When asked what it’s like being a dual exclusive, AJ stated, “Each studio has its benefits and I really like working for both of them.  Both companies are working well together which makes it good for me.”   Aaron Sherman of College Dudes 247 confirmed this statement by saying “I think that having AJ as a dual exclusive is great for everyone involved.  It gives AJ a broader reach to the consumer by being involved in both genres of gay porn.  

James currently has several scenes with College Dudes 247 and says, “I shoot with them once a month and my scenes keep getting hotter.”  He is featured as a dynamic top and Aaron Sherman says, “He is an amazing performer and one of the most popular guys on our site.  We knew after his initial solo that he was going to be a stand out.”  

Outside of his work in the porn industry, James is an avid sports fan.  “I really like football and played in high school.  I also like watching most other sports.”  He has also become very active in pursuing Human Rights initiatives.  “I really like being able to have a positive impact on peoples lives and I am actively pursuing opportunities to work within various types of Human Rights initiatives.”  

As a self proclaimed “straight” man, you might think he would keep his work a secret from friends and family.  “I have been completely open and honest with my friends and family about my work and there have been no negatives.  Although I say I am straight, I really don’t think there’s a name for what I truly am.  Besides, I find labels pointless.”  When asked what his biggest turn on is, he said, “I am really turned on by people that are sexually open minded.”

Most fans have seen James as a top on College Dudes 247, but he bottoms for the first time in Jet Set Men’s ON FIRE.  His ability to be versatile and not hung up on labels is just another example of what makes Aaron James so special.  

He has recently completed several more scenes for College Dudes 247 and another film for Jet Set Men entitled HOLLYWOOD SEX CLUB.  He loves to hear from his fans and those wanting to contact him can do so by going to his MySpace page.  (

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