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Eastern Europe's Hottest Muscle Men
Feb 01, 2008 | By: Ken Furtado
Csaba Borbély
Photo Courtesy Of Csaba Borbely

Although the boys of Bel Ami have been a staple of Eastern-European-based gayporn for more than a decade, if you prefer your porn stars somewhat older, with more meat and muscle on their frames, and with body hair on occasion, then director Csaba Borbély is the man whose films you should know.
    Borbély's stable of models is where Bel Ami boys go after they grow up, and a few have done just that. In fact, Borbély is almost single-handedly responsible for putting Eastern European muscle "on the map."
    He has amazing success at recruiting models who are handsome, muscular, well-endowed and ready to go the distance onscreen. If you name half a dozen major Eastern European stars, chances are they got their start with Borbély. Here are a few names to trigger your memory: Roberto Giorgio, Fred Goldsmith, Julian Vincenzo, Glenn Santoro, Claudio Antonelli, Lucio Maverick.
    Borbély, who is based in Budapest, is fond of outdoor locations and of scenarios that involve sports and physical activities that show off the musculature of his magnificent men. IN 2007, Borbély veered into comedy for the first time, with the hilarious and sexy Rich Kid. Borbély also has a taste for colorful costumes when the script calls for the models to wear more than their birthday suits.
Borbély used the name Steve Kiraly when directing his earliest films — circa 2000 — later changing to Csaba Borbély for the two 2001 two-part films, Unleash the Beast and Desires of a Gymnast. He also directs sometimes as "Eugene," which is his middle name.
    For years, Borbély has relied on a number of different distributors for U.S. placement of his movies, but as of the end of last year, he will be distributing his own titles as well as making them available online.
Here is more about him, from the man himself.

How old are you and how long have you been making gay adult films? Why do you do this?
    I have been in the adult business nine years, I started at the age of 30, so it's not a secret then how old I am. Until then I was a dancer in the theaters of Budapest. As I knew that dancers become old for that business at around the age of 35, I wanted to change careers, but had no certain idea of where to continue. I started as a model agent, then I was discovered by a producer from Los Angeles, with the help of whom I got involved with the porn industry. He taught me its essence.

What was the first film you directed? The earliest I remember is Desires of a Gymnast.
    You are really right, I had done 10-12 movies before that, which were not released under my name. Five of the models of Desires of a Gymnast became great porn stars.

Where did you learn to direct? Did you work for another director or in non-adult productions?
    I think if someone has a theatrical background of 16 years and was working with famous directors, then all he needs is to have a careful look at the industry itself. It cannot be learned; there is very little time for that. One must always adjust to the new needs, styles — must follow the trend. There's nothing more: for shooting you need nothing but good cameramen, photographers, editors and brilliant characters, and there you are as a director to arrange everything!

You have discovered some of the most sensational models in Eastern Europe and you made Roberto Giorgio an international star in a way that Bel Ami never did. How do you find your models?
    You know that I have not worked together with gay men; the majority of my models are heterosexual. These are very interesting issues. Some immediately accept it because of the money, some think about it for two or three weeks and return only then. There is someone who came back after one and a half years and said he would do it. I worked with Roberto Giorgio for three years. After I terminated the contract he started working with other companies, but had less success. Models usually reply to a newspaper advertisement, but the most grateful ones are the athletes, who recommend their own friends.

Do you have a favorite model to work with? A favorite movie?
    I don't really make distinctions between models. There are some who I have a very good relationship with, while others have only a working relation with me. I would mention the Turkish, Greek and Roman trilogies as my favorite ones. These movies had the highest budgets, and the most beautiful costumes, with scenes in original locations. They were the most beautiful excursions of my life in this industry!

How do you persuade men who might not have sex with other men in their personal lives to abandon their inhibitions on camera?
    You must always keep your eyes open. I am good at placing people and can make contacts easily, so making relationships is not difficult for me! I work a lot with psychology; I can easily see who is willing to do something, and is able to fulfill the task.
    First of all there is a casting. If the model dares to (agree to perform), then we meet again, where we discuss everything. The next step is that he meets my first assistant, who prepares the boys for the shooting, so that they won't be surprised.
    Models are aware of what they apply for, so it never causes a problem for them. Sometimes we are also surprised how easily and uninhibitedly two strangers "jump" to each other. It often happens that when they are very excited, they have cumshots into each other's mouth without telling us!

Your earlier films all had themes of sports and uniforms, but you have moved away from that. What themes interest you now?
    Look, customers are always ready for new things, so we must satisfy their desires! I think I have tried all sports, except cycling, but I haven't forgotten about that, since I made a movie in connection with sports last year. One is about sex Olympics, and the other two about football.
    There are still some soldier movies, as I have a series of seven parts, called Passions of War. Part 5 of that was released in October with the title Initiation. I neglect no categories, but now I am interested in Western (I suppose you can feel it) movies and ones illustrating lives of workers and people living on farms and in the country. Soon I am going to shoot fishermen, hunter and sailor movies, but there will be a surprise.

Some models, like Roberto Giorgio, always use the same name. Others use many different names (Frenky, Fred Fele, Ted Colunga and Norbert Somlay, for example, are all the same person). Why is that?
    The models in my movies always have the same names. I don't change their names. If they go to another company to work, they usually have a different one. Some of my models became great stars, then visited another company and the director used the same artist name as I did, because this way he could sell his movie, however the critiques were inferior.

Who watches your films? In what countries are you most popular?
    I hope every age group watches my movies, but the majority and most grateful ones belong to the gay community. My films are most popular in America. I launched my own production company last November and I have just started distributing in Europe. I hope the audience there will know and like me soon.

You have made many movies with the Lenart twins (who also use the names Mangiatti, Lacroix, Lynch and Lautrec). I have seen them bottom at least once, but I am waiting to see them interact with each other more. Michael Lucas got them to kiss. You filmed them in a double-penetration in Twice As Nice. Will we ever see them be more intimate with each other onscreen?
    I would not like it to be the place for promotion, but Man Lust 2: Double Trouble movie is about to be released. You will see them there, but for the last time. I liked working with them, they were very precise and I could make the best of them. I don't think the double anal in the soccer movie would have brought them into an intimate situation, since the aim was not that. I let the rest for the viewers' fantasy! What other directors got the twins to do is not my concern, but I believe if two brothers kiss or have sex with each other it is not perversion, but it is an aberration. By the way, it is against the law.

What are your plans for the future? How can viewers learn more about Diamond Pictures and Blue Lagoon and how can they buy your movies?
    Viewers will have a lot of surprises. I would highlight one: if someone orders three DVDs, he receives one extra DVD with nude photos of his most favorite models, even the ones taken of the sex scenes of the movies.
    In 2008 we are making books, calendars and postcards of every movie. For example, if someone orders the Longhorn Roundup movie that contains three DVDs, he will receive a Longhorn Roundup picture-book with the most beautiful photos of the models.
    Customers can not only purchase my movies, they can download lots of images of the scenes and group pictures through my two websites!
    Beginning October 1, Diamond and Blue Lagoon TV have been live, so all our movies can be watched online. We would like to thank our customers for their praise and support and we look forward to receiving their questions, comments and opinions via  and

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  • On The Set With Csaba Borbely
  • On The Set With Csaba Borbely
  • On The Set With Csaba Borbely
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