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Randy Is Anything but Blue
Mar 24, 2009 | By: Ken Furtado
Blake Riley & Leo Giamani

I once sat through an entire luncheon seated across the table from Randy Blue and didn't know who he was until after the meal. The man keeps a low profile. If you visit his site, you can find pics of the guys who work for him; Randy's picture shows only his back as he slips though a doorway. But while few may people may know Randy Blue by sight, there are jillions who know his name and his family of websites.

The flagship site is It launched in 2003, and is about to celebrate its 6th birthday. Prior to that Randy Blue (the person) worked as a cameraman shooting content for others. Of that experience, he says, "Seven years ago, anything would sell. Cheap content came first; they never factored quality into the equation."

The growing dissatisfaction led to Randy acquiring a business partner and striking out on his own: "I shot what I wanted to see. I didn't want it to be 'dirty,' and I didn't want to celebrate straight guys just for doing it. I wanted to show that sex can be fun and that it can reflect models' personal lives, too."

Based in Los Angeles, Randy and his crew now shoot 20-25 scenes per month. Model applications pour in at the rate of 300-500 per month and they pick the top one or two percent. When working with models, the goal is to "make sure they enjoy their time here," and with 97 percent of the guys who film asking to come back and film again, they've obviously got it right. It's all personal and collaborative. Randy says, "A lot of our models have been with us more than two years. that shows how we've grown and how much they are connected to Randy Blue. That's a lot of trust." And no model has ever walked off the set.

Asked to name some of the site's most popular models, Randy doesn't hesitate: Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout (current Men Magazine Man of the Year), Leo Giamani, Xander Scott and Blake Riley. But every model who has ever been filmed for the site is still online. The fact that everything and everyone is still there Randy attributes to fierce customer loyalty.

In addition to the pay site, visitors can peruse two free sites: "Blue Is Beautiful" — Randy's blog — and Pete's blog, "Randy Blue Ripped." There are links to both at the RandyBlue front page. Pete, aka Peter Adonis, is a personal trainer and fitness model (Abercrombie & Fitch, International Male) who writes about diet and exercise and posts lots f pictures as well as cooking and workout videos.

With the economy imposing new demands and financial constraints on the output of porn website and studios alike, the Randy Blue machine is sensitive to changes in how members want their content delivered and what they expect for their dollars.

"[Porn still offers] tremendous opportunities and new way to grow via technology. This recession means we need to be open to changing how we do business. The years ahead will be very defining. The people who survive … will be the ones whose business plan reflect that."

Does that mean we'll be seeing compilation DVDs of popular Randy Blue scenes?

"No, but I think you'll be seeing some very interesting things from Randy Blue in the future."

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