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Advertise - The Total Package For Reaching Gay Adult Consumers!

There are many media outlets competing for your advertising dollars, but when you want to reach consumers of gay adult products you should be working with JustUsBoys. The combination of an extremely popular website and a widely distributed print magazine makes the perfect partner for your marketing efforts. We can help you reach qualified, interested consumers at a very reasonable cost.

We print 100,000 copies of each and every issue! Our circulation is audited by The Circulation Verification Council.

Website Facts & Figures Print Magazine Facts & Figures
  • Over 1 million page views per day.
  • Well over 1 million UNIQUE visitors per month.
  • Tens of thousands of clicks sent to advertisers and sponsors every day.
  • Alexa rank 1903 U.S. and 3634 Worldwide (July 2008)
  • 30% of daily traffic is fresh from gay related searches on the major engines.
  • An easy way to drive clicks to your site. You can be up and running in no time!
  • We print 100,000 copies of each Issue - No One Else Comes Close!
  • Distribution audited by CVC.
  • Distributed to hundreds of points throughout the US.
  • Directed solely toward consumers, not webmasters, so your ad isn't wasted!
  • Tens of thousands of additional PDF copies are downloaded from our site.
  • Simply the most cost effective way to reach consumers of gay adult products.
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Website Advertising - Turn Pennies Into Clicks That Convert!

Over the past 7+ years, has worked to establish itself as THE portal to the world of online gay sex. Our efforts have been rewarded with a large and loyal audience of consumers interested in purchasing gay sex site memberships and other gay adult products. We currently serve over 1 million page views each and every day, and are fortunate to have substantially more than 1 million unique users visit our site each month.

Our visitors are qualified and have a keen interest in gay sex products of all flavors, allowing us to refer thousands of sales to our affiliate partners each month. Now, with the introduction of our paid advertising program, you can tap into this substantial source of potential customers!

Quality Traffic at a Competitive Price

We designed our paid ad program to allow webmasters to design campaigns for almost any budget. The minimum purchase is $1,000, but your investment translates into ACTUAL raw clicks to your website. Check the table below for an overview of our PPC pricing... the more money you deposit, the lower your CPC.

Pay Per Raw Click (PPC) Ads - Run of Site
CPC (Cost Per Click)
* There is a minimum $1,000 purchase for PPC advertising.

Ad Specifications

  • Banners are sizes 940x80, 940x150, 467x487, 255x405. Jpg and Gif are both acceptable up to 100KB each in size.
  • If you wish to advertise to mobile users, the banner sizes are 292x95 and 292x250. Mobile banners should be under 25Kb each.
  • Once your ad is placed, we'll provide additional information about the types of banners that attract our visitor's attention.

Your banner will be given "Run of the Site" placement. The banners you submit will appear throughout the various sections of our site and expose you to a diverse group of gay men. All artwork must meet our advertising standards. We reserve the right to refuse any ad placement for any reason.

Reserve your space now by calling Shannon at 800-382-0460 or submit a request here and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

Print Advertising - No Other Publication Comes Close!

Simply put, the Magazine reaches your target audience. We print 100,000 copies of every issue for distribution across North America, and we aren’t standing still! We continually work to find ways to increase our print run and points of distribution, while keeping our rates as low as possible. Advertising with JUB is not only less costly than our competitors, but with our huge distribution, no one comes close to giving you the same bang for your buck. We take our distribution very seriously because we operate the magazine as an advertising vehicle for our website, rather than as a profit center. We only benefit when the magazine is seen by readers so we go to great lengths to ensure that it actually gets into the hands of consumers of gay adult products.

Audited By Circulation Verification Council
Our circulation is now audited by the Circulation Verification Council. You can review our audit report here and contact CVC for verification if necessary. We also provide our advertisers with a certification from our printer as to the number of copies printed.

In addition to the best physical distribution you could ask for, we make the magazine available for download in PDF format right here on, one of the most popular gay sites on the internet. Our site traffic, and the number of PDF downloads, continues to grow, which benefits magazine advertisers because it means more customers see and download your ad. Note: All downloads of the PDF version of the magazine are a bonus to advertisers... we do not include these downloads in our circulation figures. When we say we print 100,000 copies, we mean physical copies that come off of a printing press, and our circulation is audited to prove it! In addition to our circulation audit, we send each advertiser a certification from our printer detailing the number of copies we print for each issue.

Ad Details & Pricing

We understand that there are other publications competing for your ad dollars so we created our magazine to give you maximum exposure for the lowest cost possible. Compare our prices and our AUDITED, VERIFIABLE distribution and you’ll understand why our advertisers are so loyal.

We publish 4 times per year:

Issue Closing Date Artwork Due Street Date
February 2012 Dec. 15, 2011 Dec. 30, 2011 Feb. 5, 2012
May 2012 Mar. 15, 2012 Mar. 30, 2012 May 5, 2012
August 2012 June 15, 2012 June 30, 2012 August 5, 2012
November 2012 Sept. 15, 2012 Sept. 30, 2012 Nov 5, 2012

Reserve your space now! Contact us at 800-382-0460 or submit a request here and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

Placement Price 3X 4X Size (w x h)"
Back Cover $4900 $4655 $4410
5.375 x 8.375
Inside Back Cover $3700 $3515 $3330
5.375 x 8.375
Inside Front Cover $4000 $3800 $3600
5.375 x 8.375
Full Page Premium $2700 $2565 $2430
5.375 x 8.375
Full Page $2400 $2280 $2160
5.375 x 8.375
Half Page Premium $1600 $1520 $1440
4.625 x 3.75
Half Page $1300 $1235 $1170
4.625 x 3.75
1/3 Page Horizontal $900 $855 $810
4.625 x 2.5

Discounts are offered for multiple issue commitments as shown above. Please contact us for details.

Reserve your space now! Contact us at 800-382-0460 or submit a request here and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

FILE SPECS: Submissions should be 300dpi, CMYK color, and in TIFF format, if available. Other formats, including PSD and PDF files, are acceptable as well.

FULL PAGE ADS (Including Covers): Full page ads are full bleed so your ad must extend beyond the measurements given above by an additional .25" on all sides. In addition, text and important design elements should be inset from the edge by an additional .375" (or .625" total including the bleed) to compensate for trimming. The bleed size would thus be 5.875 x 8.875 and the text area would be 4.625 x 7.625. None of our other ad sizes require a bleed.

PAPER: We print on high quality 70# gloss paper in full-color.

AD CONTENT: Because our publication is distributed for free in bars, bookstores, and other gay venues we can't show sexually explicit content. We cannot accept ads depicting illegal activities, simulated or actual sexual activity, frontal nudity, pubic hair, or images where models appear or are implied to be under the age of 18. All ads are subject to prior approval. We reserve the right to reject any ad for any reason.

Reserve your space now! Contact us at 800-382-0460 or submit a request here and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.